Instagram & Facebook Videos Will Now Play In WhatsApp; Instagram To Get Music Feature!

Facebook is trying to build an ecosystem where every platform of it can be merged into one.


Instagram & Facebook Videos Will Play In WhatsApp

Facebook is trying to build an ecosystem where every platform of it can be merged into one. Apart from its own social media platform with over two billion users, two of its most popular owned platforms WhatsApp and Instagram are one of the most-used social networking services in the world.

Recently the company announced a bunch of new features for WhatsApp and Instagram at its annual developer conference Facebook F8. As promised, the company has already started to roll out a new feature which now brings support for Instagram and Facebook videos on WhatsApp.

The social messaging app already supports YouTube, and now will support Facebook and Instagram videos as well.

Instagram & Facebook Videos on WhatsApp

Earlier when you clicked a video link from Instagram or Facebook, it used to open in a separate window. The latest update allows WhatsApp to play in-app videos. Now you can use WhatsApp or chat and the video will continue to play in a floating frame.

The frame is resizable and can be moved to anywhere on the screen. The video frame also comes with a play and pause controls. The new PiP feature for Facebook and Instagram is now available for iOS users, and will soon roll out to Android globally.

The group admin settings have also been changed in the latest update. Group admins can now revoke administrator rights from other participants with the new “Dismiss as Admin” option.

The recently announced group video calling feature on Instagram will also be introduced soon on WhatsApp, where up to four people can join a video call at once.

Instagram Will Get Music Feature – The “” Copy?

After Snapchat, the Facebook-owned company now plans to bring in a music feature to Instagram just like video creation app via its Stories. Instagram has already announced its third-party integration for music streaming for its Stories feature in collaboration with Spotify.

Instagram Nametags
Instagram Nametags

A recent Instagram code has revealed that the company is working on a feature which will let users search for songs and add it to their posts and stories. Instagram is also testing a feature to automatically detect songs so that users can post it on their Instagram Stories with a label.

The Stories feature is said to copied from Snapchat, and now the feature has made its way into both Facebook and WhatsApp. With over 300 million monthly active users, the Instagram Stories has been a huge hit.

Now with the latest music stickers, the company will take on which will turn a video into a music video with extra effects.

The code has also revealed there is a  Search Music feature with location and friend-mention sticker inside Instagram Stories. Currently, Stories on Instagram can be videos up to 15 seconds long. Recently, the company also partnered with Giphy for GIF stickers on Stories.

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