Snapchat Group Video Call Supports 16 Participants In One Call!

Apart from the live video chat feature, the social media company has also announced mentions for Stories.


Snapchat Group Video Call Supports 16 Members

Popular multimedia messaging app Snapchat has released a major update to boost its social exposure. The Live Group Video Call option is a much-awaited feature among the Snap users. The feature is being rolled out in phases and will be available globally in a couple of weeks. The new video chat feature supports filters, audio-only feed support and text-reply support to everyone.

Apart from the live video chat feature, the social media company has also announced mentions for Stories. This feature allows users on other social media platforms to tag each other. The Mentions feature on Snapchat works like other applications. You can simply type a user’s name starting with @ and a suggestion will pop up, and you can tag the user directly.


How Live Group Video Chat Feature Works?

The live Group Video feature will be integrated into your group chat option. If you are a part of a group, you can directly tap on the video icon to start a group video call.

The call will start immediately. All the members of the group will get a notification that the group call has begun. You have the option to opt out of the call, or just join in audio-only option or even reply with texts in the feed. Users can use the filters from Snap Filters during a group video call and chat or send messages to others at the same time.

Better Than Facebook Messenger & Google Hangouts

The Snapchat Live Video Call feature supports up to 16 members on a call. 16 people can join the group video call, but a total of 32 people can join with the voice-only option.

While up to 16 people can join in a Snapchat video call, Facebook Messenger supports only up to 6 people in a video chat. In comparison, Google Hangouts supports up to 10 users in a group video call at a time. As a plus, you can also add Snap Lenses during a call, which the other two don’t support.

Snapchat Group Video Call – Easy, Simple & Convenient

The live group video call feature on Snapchat is simple and easy to use with a lot of integrated features. A user can simply join any existing Group Chat, or can create a new group of friends and family they want to talk to.

With a single tap, they can start a Live Group Video call with all the listed users. Users can also opt for a group audio call, by tapping on the phone icon. When the call starts, users in the group will be notified of an invitation to the call. One can seamlessly join the chat with the call on voice or video and start chatting.

For the video chat, you can use the filters and face effects from Snap Lenses.

Snapchat vs. Instagram

The closest rival to Snapchat is Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram. Snapchat already faces a massive competition from Instagram, and lately both the social media platforms has been seen to add features copied from each other.

Instagram is also working on its group video call feature, which may see a full roll out in a month or two. It won’t be any surprise, if Instagram too adds something similar to its Groups!

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