Screenshot Alerts For Instagram Stories; Companies Using Instagram For Recruiting!

Creators will now be notified if somebody takes a screenshot of their stories so that they can take appropriate action.


The Creator Will Be Notified Of Screenshots Of Their Instagram Stories

Soon, taking screenshots of your friends’ Instagram Stories will be a thing of the past, as now the app will notify users whenever someone will take a screenshot of their Story. Instagram will now snitch on you and will place a star next to your handle.

The feature is in the testing phase, and it will show users whenever someone captures a screenshot of their story. Several users are getting warnings that next time if they take a screenshot of a friend’s story, the user will be notified of the action.

Screenshot Notification For Instagram Stories

Snapchat has a similar feature. Users get a notification if anyone takes a screenshot of any of their stories. Such users, who take screenshots, are indicated by a sign next to their names in the story viewers list.

Users will not get any specific notification when someone is taking a screenshot of their story, but it will only show up in the list of the story viewers. Users can also rewatch stories as many times as they want to, within 24 hours. But the creator will not be able to see exactly how many times a person has watched their story.

Instagram & Snapchat

The feature will essentially align Instagram with Snapchat, where any screenshot of a direct message triggers a notification to the sender. But a screenshot of the story will just result in a notation with the name next to the offender’s name in the viewer analytics tab.

Though for now, Instagram will warn you before it will switch the screenshot notifications on, and will display a popup message – ‘Next time you take a screenshot or screen recording, the users who posted the story will be able to see it.’

Companies Using Instagram For Hiring Social Media Managers

Using Instagram could now get you a job, as videos and branded content might open up doors for a job in creative roles, or social media management.

Several companies like Floating Canvas Company, Epsilon and Instamojo now are hiring freshers through Instagram. Companies are now posting offers on job portals and reaching out to the referrals to attract talent.

Several companies as Schneider Electric, Starbucks and Verizon are using Instagram to post job ads and now is a trend prevalent in the Indian startups. Startups are now scouting for talent through Instagram as this reduces the hiring costs by almost 15-25 percent and the strategy works well for the entry-level jobs or interns.

Instagram is a public platform. Quality can be quickly gauged and good artists can be taken on board through the platform. Instagram provides a scope for the visually-appealing content. Young companies often post job vacancies through puzzles or videos. Some firms are also posting direct recruitment notices while others let it sink in through regular photos and videos on their work culture.

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  2. Lizaveta says

    Hi Vishal, thank you for the article! Is screenshot alert for stories about Collection?
    What I don’t understand, really, is how it would work in practice without a deep account analysis service like Picalytics or something

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    Nice news for instagram users , as they have an chance to get recruit through instagram ,

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    Several companies are hiring freshers through Instagram . Thats really good news for freshers . Thanks instagram .Thanks admin for such a good information .

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