Now You Can Directly Post Your Instagram Stories As WhatsApp Status!

Facebook currently owns three of the top social media platforms and it is looking to connect them to maximise user engagement.


Instagram Stories As WhatsApp Status

Facebook is trying out a new feature that will now let users share their Instagram Stories directly as their WhatsApp Status. It is an attempt to connect all the three major social media platforms through cross-platform sharability.

Currently, if you have an account on Instagram, you are allowed to share your Instagram Stories as Facebook stories. Now Facebook will allow you to share your Instagram stories as your Whatsapp Status which will disappear after 24 hours.

Facebook owns Whatsapp as well as Instagram. It is trying to connect all three together by introducing this new feature. The latest feature will allow users to post pictures, videos and GIFs as Whatsapp status directly from their Instagram stories.

The New Instagram To Whatsapp Sharing Feature

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the amalgamation of Instagram Stories and Whatsapp Status. Both the platforms together now have over 300 million daily active users.

Stories on Instagram and Status on Whatsapp are both clones of the rival app Snapchat. A connected sharing option will increase their usage and boost their numbers. The number of combined users on both these platforms is almost twice the size of Snapchat, which currently has around 173 million daily active users.

There is one more feature, where users are allowed to share their ‘Instagram Stories’ directly to their ‘Facebook Stories’.

Presently, this new feature has been made available for the US users only. The new feature will be officially rolled out for all the users around the globe in a month or two.

Good Strategy To Boost Numbers

Social media giant Facebook is ruling the social space for a decade, and combined with Whatsapp and Instagram, the company has hardly any competition. Now with the feature of sharing Instagram stories as WhatsApp status, it will give users the convenience of a better multi-platform connectivity.

The new feature will enable Facebook to expand their user base and will help them to provide a better user experience.

Recently, Facebook also launched another feature, which helps you discover different photos uploaded by your friends and family who might have forgotten to tag you in the picture.

This new feature uses facial recognition technology, which will help you to find your pictures you or anybody else has uploaded, even if you are not tagged in them. This feature will also help to safeguard your pictures, and will let you know if someone else is using your image as their profile picture or uploading it for something else.

Why Is Facebook Doing This?

There are a number of reasons why Facebook is very interested in the making Instagram Stories more shareable, and most specifically on the messaging platform WhatsApp.

The first of all is to make it more functional and give more usage to Instagram Stories, and directly affecting the usage of the Snapchat product they were designed to clone.

The second reason is to increase the use of WhatsApp Status. The response to the feature enabling sharing of Instagram Stories to Facebook was not very enthusiastic. Facebook now wants to give it a try with Whatsapp, which has a more active user base.

The third reason is that Facebook is steadily working on ways of to make users extend the time spent on their apps.

The new feature will effectively allow Facebook to increase their total engagement, traffic footprint and potentially increase overall usage.

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    Seems like Facebook wanted to give Instagram and Facebook a kind of similar vibe to each other. Such that they could maintain both their businesses, Facebook and Instagram.

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