BHIM App Will Give Rs 750 Cashback Every Month; Here’s How You Can Avail It Right Now!

Merchants who are using BHIM App for receiving digital payments will get cashback of 10% of the transaction value.


BHIM App Offering Cashbacks

Govt. of India has launched a sizzling cashback offer for all BHIM app users – Now, you can get Rs 750 per month as cashback, every month. This cashback offer is applicable to both new and existing users.

Going by the easy rules, and conditions for the cashback, this can be described as one of the most significant cashback offer ever launched by Govt. of India.

Digital India’s official Twitter handle announced this:

We will soon share the exact reasons why we think this cashback offer has been launched. But before that, let’s go straight to the ways, by which you can get cashback of Rs 750, per month.

3 Steps To Get Cashback From BHIM App

Step 1: As soon as you install BHIM App, and carry out your first transaction, you will receive Rs 51 cashback, no questions asked. Even if you transfer Re 1 from your BHIM app to any other user, this cashback of Rs 51 is applicable. You will be asked to link your bank account for this first transaction.

Step 2: Now, after that, for every valid transaction using VPA/UPI ID, account number or mobile number, the user will get Rs 25 cashback, instantly. Here, the minimum amount of transactions should be Rs 100. Rs 500 is the maximum cashback that can be earned via this method.

Step 3: And finally, the big bonanza for using BHIM App: Cashback for total number of transactions done in a month, using BHIM App. If you successfully carry out more than 25, but less than 50 transactions every month, then you will get cashback of Rs 100. Between 50 to 100 transactions, cashback of Rs 200 and more than 100 transactions, Rs 250 cashback has been announced. Any transactions above Rs 10 shall be considered for this cashback method.

Besides these, merchants who are using BHIM App for receiving digital payments will get cashback of 10% of the transactions value, whose maximum amount shall be Rs 50. Merchants who use UPI based transactions using BHIM App are also eligible for this cashback of 10%, Rs 50 being the maximum amount.

Why Cashback Offer from BHIM App?

Launched at the fag end of 2016, BHIM or Bharat Interface for Money was launched by PM Modi, and was described as a game changer.

However, as per the latest data revealed, BHIM app hasn’t been able to make much dent in the overall digital transactions niche; despite being integrated with Paytm.

No wonder UPI as a payment method is gaining fast, and even beaten mobile wallets; but within UPI, BHIM App has been able to corner just 5.8% share in February; which has reduced since January.

Will this new cashback offer be able to incite new growth among BHIM Users?

We will keep you updated. Meanwhile, do let us know if you will use BHIM App now, after these cashback offer.

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