Amazon India Global Business Grows 200%; Flipkart-Walmart Deal To Close Soon!

Registered Indian sellers on Amazon India can now sell products in 11 international markets.


Amazon India Global Business Has Grown 200%

As Amazon is trying hard to fill up the gap with Flipkart and increase its hold in India, the company has lately experimented with a number of things. After trying to buy Flipkart, reducing seller fees and extensive marketing, now the company is helping Indian merchants to expand in the global market.

In a bid to give Indian sellers a wider coverage and global exposure, Amazon is letting its sellers sell their products outside India. The global selling business for the merchants in India has now opened up foreign markets in Australia, US, Canada and multiple European countries.

Registered Indian sellers on Amazon India can now sell products in 11 international markets.

Boost For Indian Sellers

Interestingly, the foreign sales by these Indian businesses on Amazon have seen a 50 percent growth compared to last year where the Indian merchants have scored a phenomenal 200 percent growth.

Over 32,000 vendors from India are now selling in the some of the top-selling global markets of Amazon. Recently the e-commerce company also launched its wholesale wing – Amazon Business. Amazon Business handles all the global business-to-business (B2B).

The recent cross-border sales programme for the Indian merchants saw a full roll-out after running a half-year pilot.

Expansion Of Amazon India Global Business

Currently, around 60 Indian sellers are selling their products in the Australian market. The Indian products are seeing a strong demand in the foreign markets worldwide. As a result, the e-commerce firm is planning to scale up its cross-border seller program rapidly by opening it to a broader set of merchants.

Amazon is also trying to buy a stake in Pakistan-based fashion portal, where it is planning to sell ‘Made in India’ products in Pakistan. If the deal is finalized, registered sellers from India will be able to sell products on the online marketplace in the neighbouring country.

Amazon already holds a 33 percent stake in the fashion e-commerce company through its acquisition of Dubai-based online retailer Souq last year. The Dubai based company has a USD 1 million investment, and the deal between Amazon and will open up gates for Indian merchants to sell their goods in Pakistan.

Walmart Will Close Deal With Flipkart In Two Months

Amazon is trying to buy Flipkart, but on the other hand, US retail giant Walmart is on the verge of closing the final deal with the homegrown e-commerce company.

Amazon is exploring the possibility of buying Flipkart, but many us termed the deal between Amazon and Flipkart to be monopolistic and anti-competitive, as it will effectively put the entire Indian e-commerce market into the hands of a single company

As per the reports, Walmart is interested in buying a majority stake in Flipkart, but its due diligence now depends on the Indian company.Walmart is looking to acquire 51 percent stake in a $12 billion deal, but nothing is final yet. As per several trade analysts, Flipkart will have an estimated valuation of $200 billion by 2026.

Walmart will more likely complete the acquisition of a controlling stake in Flipkart by the end of June.

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