Use Paytm Without Internet – Paytm Tap Card A Big Leap Towards Digital Payments!

This is not the first time when Paytm has introduced an offline payment concept.


Paytm Tap Card Will Allow Offline Payments

In a big push towards Digital Payments, Paytm has introduced NFC-based Paytm Tap Cards. These can be used to make payments at any merchant outlet, without using the Internet!

This means that users who are staying in areas with a weak Internet connection can now seamlessly use this feature to make digital payments.

Paytm Tap Card: The Offline Way To Digital Payments!

Paytm has introduced the concept of offline payments in collaboration with, which is digital payment company, focussing on NFC or Near Field Communication.

This is not the first time when Paytm has introduced an offline payment concept: In 2015, they introduced QR code based offline payments.

Now, now, they have taken a leap forward and employed NFC-based offline payments.

Paytm Tap Card is the foundation, based on which this new Internet-less payment will work.

Paytm COO Kiran Vasireddy said,

“We are aggressively pushing digital payments to users from every walk of life.”

Paytm’s Offline Payment: How Will It Work?

Paytm Tap Card is an NFC enabled card, developed by Yeldi.

This is how the payment mechanism shall work:

  • Step 1: Paytm user with no Internet visits a merchant to buy some products. He has balance in Paytm, but no Internet connection.
  • Step 2: The user simply scans the QR code on his Paytm Tap Card, and loads the card with his own Paytm money.
  • Step 3: The Paytm Tap Card is scanned at Add Value Machines (AVM) at the merchant, which uses NFC mechanism to extract payment.

Hence, without using the Internet at any point, the payment is transferred.

Note here, that if Paytm Tap Card is already loaded with Paytm money, then Step 2 can be skipped. In fact, you don’t even need your phone, if your Paytm Tap card is loaded with cash.

As per Paytm, it will take just 0.5 seconds to make any payment, using this NFC-based Paytm Tap Card.

What Is Needed To Make This Work?

There are basically two external factors involved in this whole process:

  1. A Paytm-issued NFC PoS Terminals, which merchants will need to install at their outlets. This can use NFC to scan the card and scoop out payments.
  2. Paytm Tap Card, which is being made by Yeldi for Paytm. As per information available on their site, this card costs Rs 100 and can be ordered from them. Very soon, it is expected, that Paytm will start issuing such cards. It is not clear, though, that the card would be paid or free.

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