How Online Business Fulfilled This Entrepreneur’s Dreams Of Travelling!

If you desire to venture out on your own and be your own boss, give online selling a try.


Entrepreneurs Trying Online Business

Just a few years back, it was a big deal if you told someone that you have left a high-paying job to start your own business. There were high chances that you would be called a fool. But things are not the same anymore, and the current generation now sees it as a way to become their own boss, do what they love and fulfil their dreams. Esha Jafri, the founder of La Eztilo which sells beauty products on Amazon, is one such trailblazer.

A Desire To Venture Out

Esha Jafri hails from Hyderabad. Her desire to venture out dates back to the time when she was just a child.

“Even as a kid, I always wanted to travel all around the world. Growing up in several parts of the country just added to that desire,” says the 29-year-old Esha.

After completing her B.Com course from Osmania University, Esha started doing a job at one of the of the leading IT companies in India. She changed several jobs in a span of six years but none of them ever satisfied her needs in terms of money and flexibility, let alone her dreams.

Giving Online Selling A Chance

“My last job in Singapore, where I landed in a hospital because of the extreme work pressure opened my eyes and made me realize that I am just not made to work like a robot,” says Esha who then decided to work on her own terms and enter into the world of entrepreneurship.

Choosing what business to do was very easy for Esha because she had interest in beauty products. She picked this category, purchased products in bulk and listed them on Amazon.

“Online business was the obvious choice because e-commerce was booming at that time and prior experience in the same industry also helped,” Esha recalls.

For the first few months, the response was underwhelming. But Esha didn’t give up. She spent learning from every possible resource – articles, videos, discussion forums – about how to sell online and applied her learnings religiously. She began seeing sales trickle in and grow. After getting a positive response, she then took it a step further – she decided to manufacture her own beauty products under the brand name – ‘La Eztilo – Live Life Stylishly’. Her learnings have paid off as her brand now regularly brings in a monthly income that runs into lakhs.

A Dream Fulfilled

“Travelling has been my passion and ever since I have started my online business I have travelled to Turkey, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Kashmir all by myself,” says an ecstatic Esha.

In the last 18 months, she has spent almost 6 months travelling and the interesting part is that her business never came to a halt during that time. Making money while travelling has always been her dream and she gives all the credit to her online business for turning her dream into reality. “Ever since I started my online business, I am able to live all my dreams. Earlier I used to get my salary once in a month and now I get eight times a month,” an exuberant Esha says.

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