Doorstep & OTP Based Aadhaar-SIM Linking Now Possible; But Bengal CM Says She Won’t Comply!

In a push for more Aadhaar acceptance in daily life, Govt. has now opened up 3 more options to link Aadhaar to SIM card.


Aadhaar & SIM Card Linking Made Simpler

In order for bigger push of Aadhaar-SIM linking, Govt of India has opened up three more options for citizens, who wish to connect their Aadhaar with their SIM Card.

And this includes an innovative method: Doorstep service.

However, not amused by these antics, Mamata Banerjee, West Bengal CM has said she will never link her SIM Card with Aadhaar, even if that means her mobile is blocked.

It seems she ‘doesn’t care’.

Doorstep, OTP Based Service For Aadhaar-SIM Linking

Three new methods to link Aadhaar and SIM Cards have been introduced by Govt:

  1. Doorstep Service: Those with disability or old age problems can request the concerned UIDAI authorities to provide doorstep service for linking their Aadhaar with SIM Cards. Such requests would be now available on the UIDAI website and other mediums.
  2. OTP Based Mechanism: Those phone numbers which are linked with Aadhaar, will be provided a OTP based mechanism to instantly connect their SIM Cards with Aadhaar card. A source said, “This means that if one mobile number is registered in Aadhaar database, then the OTP method can be used for re-verification of that number as well as other mobile numbers owned by the subscriber,”. Around 50 crore mobile numbers are already registered with Aadhaar, and this can prove to be a big time-saver for them.
  3. A new mechanism based on websites and apps to link Aadhaar with SIM Cards have also been proposed. Details are yet to come in.

Note here, that mandatory linking of Aadhaar to Govt. schemes now been extended till March 31, 2018. Meanwhile, recently, in Maharashtra, 100 farmers were found to be sharing the same Aadhaar number.

Mamta Banerjee: I Won’t Link My Aadhaar With SIM Card!

Meanwhile, in a related news, democratically elected West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee has defied Govt.’s mandatory rule to link Aadhaar with SIM Cards, as she has declared that she won’t do it, even if her mobile is blocked.

Note here, that Govt. has already stated that every mobile number needs to be linked with Aadhaar.

It seems that she doesn’t care.

She said,

“We will not link mobile with Aadhaar. If we do not have a mobile connection for that, so be it. I challenge that I will not provide my Aadhaar number even if my connection is stopped. I don’t care.”

As per the WB CM, her privacy is being threatened, due to Aadhaar linking.

She said, “This means even a private conversation between a husband and a wife is going to be tapped,”

We will keep you updated as we receive more updates.

  1. amit banarjee says

    Mad women, Commies are the most non democratic/dictatorian regime. Look at the political killings in kerala. And the undemocratic rule in china and Latin countries.

    About privacy: Who makes voice calls these days? If you are paranoid then use internet based calling apps. If you think major voip players are in bed with govt then use smaller players. A new voip is born everyday around the world.

  2. Mud says

    Mamata seems to be on the right track here.

    WHY does the govt want this? What does it say the BENFITS are??

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