Aadhaar May Become Mandatory For Booking Rail Tickets; Is Ticketing Frauds The Reason?

It seems that rising ticketing frauds is the reason for this suggestion.


Rail Tickets May Be Linked With Aadhaar

Aadhaar has returned to haunt passengers of Indian Railway.

As per latest reports coming in, senior Railways Officials have suggested that from now on, every ticket booked must be connected with Aadhaar.

It seems that rising ticketing frauds is the reason for this suggestion.

We are not yet sure whether this suggestion will be taken seriously or not.

Will All Rail Tickets Be Linked With Aadhaar Now?

A high-level committee of Railway Officials has strongly suggested that every ticket booked must be linked with Aadhaar.

The officials from Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) are right now visiting New Delhi for interrogating Salman Khan, the fraudster who was arrested this week for tatkal ticketing fraud.

It seems that the suggestion to make Aadhaar mandatory has been raised to stop ticketing fraud.

Salman Khan had developed a unique software which bypassed IRCTC’s captcha mechanism and bank’s OTP requirement to churn out thousands of tatkal tickets in a day.

Rising ticketing related frauds have shaken the officials of Railways, and now they want a solution desperately.

Before Salman’ arrest, another fraud was unearthed wherein a CBI employee was churning out thousands of tatkal tickets using a software.

Besides making Aadhaar mandatory, Rail officials are also considering other ways to stop the frauds.

One such method suggested is IP Checks – One IP can be allowed to book only one or two tickets at a time.

A CRIS official said,

“Study on allowing booking of only two tickets on one IP address is also being done. This would also help in preventing touts who book multiple tickets at the same time. However, companies wishing to book more than two tickets for their employees will have to register with either IRCTC or CRIS,”

Aadhaar & Train Tickets: Story So Far

Way back in 2016, the first big push for Aadhaar was suggested, when it was reported that IRCTC will only allow Aadhar holders to book tickets.

Later in 2017, this suggestion was again raised.

However, in August last year, Govt. cleared the confusion and said that Aadhaar won’t be mandatory for booking train tickets.

This year awards worth Rs 10,000 were announced for linking Aadhaar with IRCTC account of all users.

Right now, Aadhaar linked IRCTC account holders can book 12 tickets in a month, whereas users not linked with Aadhaar can only book 6 tickets.

Do you think that Aadhaat for every train ticket should be made mandatory? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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