Group Voice Calls On WhatsApp Soon! Get Ready For Conference Calling

WhatsApp is ready to roll out this hotly-anticipated feature to their users in the next major update.


WhatsApp Group Calling

After their latest live location sharing feature, WhatsApp is adding one more feature to their interface, Group Voice Calling!

The tweet by WABetaInfo has confirmed that the latest iOS beta version (v2.17.70) of the messaging platform will offer the group voice calls feature. In the tweet, WABetaInfo has also partially confirmed that the latest iOS update has references to group video calls too.


Group Voice Calls Confirmed

WhatsApp has been testing the group voice call feature on their app, internally. The latest beta version release has confirmed that there are multiple references to voice conference calling. The users will now be able to add other users while being on an active audio call. In the code, it was discovered that, calling someone who is already on another call, sends a request to the server in order to check whether the user is busy in another group call.

Group Video Calls Partially Confirmed

The recent update from WhatsApp has some hidden, upcoming features, which includes group voice calls. Apparently, it has been partially confirmed, that there will be group video calls in the upcoming or later update.

IOS Update Confirmed, Coming Soon On Android

This new, group voice call feature has been one of the most awaited feature on this popular messaging service. As mentioned, the new feature will roll out with the latest the IOS app. As of yet, there’s no news on the Android version. But the feature will definitely roll out for Android in the not too distant future.

Live Location Sharing Feature

WhatsApp has recently added the live location sharing feature on their platform, which will enable users to share their real-time location updates with their chosen contacts or groups. The new location sharing feature is an advanced version of the existing location sharing option on the app.

New Administrator Features

Additionally, the latest WhatsApp version update has new features for administrator for groups. The latest list of features include the ability to choose if the other participants in the group can modify the subject, icon or description of the group. There is also an option to prevent the creator of the group to be deleted from the group by other co-administrators.

Other Features

The latest beta version update has a slew of new features, which include a smaller app size and auto-notification in case of change of number. You can choose to inform all or a selected few contacts from your contact list of the number change. This feature will work every time you are change your phone number.

Reports are also hinting that WhatsApp’s much anticipated “unsend” feature will roll out soon!

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