BSNL Offering 500% More Data Than Before On Existing Postpaid Plans!

Starting November 1, BSNL will offer around 500% more data with their current postpaid plans.


BSNL Offering 500% More Data

With a major share of users in the prepaid zone, Telecom operators in India are finding ways to push more customers into the postpaid services. The last one was Airtel, who have increased their postpaid data plans by more than 1000% at the same price. BSNL is the latest one

Now, BSNL has joined the ‘push-postpaid’ bandwagon and has announced an update to all their existing postpaid plans. All their existing postpaid plans will now offer more than 500% data than before, effective from November 1, 2017.

All BSNL Postpaid Plans Upgraded

BSNL has upgraded all their existing postpaid plans to pull more customers from the Prepaid zone. BSNL has postpaid plans starting from Rs. 99/-, which go all the way up to Rs. 1525/-.

Plans Existing Data Cap New Data Cap
Rs. 99/- 250MB 500MB
Rs. 149/- Nil 500MB
Rs. 225/- 1GB 3GB
Rs. 325/- 2GB 7GB
Rs. 525/- 3GB 15GB
Rs. 725/- 5GB 30GB
Rs. 799/- 10GB 60GB
Rs. 1125/- 20GB 90GB
Rs. 1525/- 30GB Unlimited

Rs. 99/- Postpaid Plan

The Rs. 99 plan which currently offers 250MB of data, now will offer 500MB from November 1, doubling the previous data cap.

Plan Rs. 99/-
Old Data Cap 250MB
New Data Cap 500MB

Rs. 149/- Postpaid Plan

The Rs. 149/- postpaid plan earlier had no data offering, but now the same plan will offer 500MB data every month, effective from November 1.

Plan Rs. 149/-
Old Data Cap Nil
New Data Cap 500MB

Rs. 225/- Postpaid Plan

The Rs. 225/- plan has been updated to offer 3GB of data, which used to be 1GB earlier.

Plan Rs. 225/-
Old Data Cap 1GB
New Data Cap 3GB

Rs. 325/- Postpaid Plan

The Rs. 325/- plan will now offer 7GB of data, three and a half times more than what BSNL earlier used to offer.

Plan Rs. 325/-
Old Data Cap 2GB
New Data Cap 7GB

Rs. 525/- Postpaid Plan

The Rs. 525/- plan will now have five times more than existing data offering, 15GB of data against 3GB previously.

Plan Rs. 525/-
Old Data Cap 3GB
New Data Cap 15GB

Rs. 725/- Postpaid Plan

The Rs. 725/- plan will now offer 30GB of data, against the earlier 5GB data cap.

Plan Rs. 725/-
Old Data Cap 30GB
New Data Cap 5GB

Rs. 799/- Postpaid Plan

The Rs. 799/- plan, with the new update, will offer six times more data at 60GB, up from the previous cap of 10GB.

Plan Rs. 799/-
Old Data Cap 10GB
New Data Cap 60GB

Rs. 1,199/- Postpaid Plan

The Rs. 1,199/- premium postpaid plan will now offer a mammoth 90GB of data, increased from the existing cap of 20GB.

Plan Rs. 1,199/-
Old Data Cap 20GB
New Data Cap 90GB

Rs. 1,525/- Postpaid Plan

The last plan of Rs. 1,525/- will now offer unlimited data without any restriction on speed. The plan earlier used to offer 30GB of data.

Plan Rs. 1,525/-
Old Data Cap 30GB
New Data Cap Unlimited

Best Postpaid Plans Offerings

With this latest update, BSNL currently has the best postpaid plans in the industry, which imminently beats rivals Airtel and Jio. With their current upgrade of existing network coverage and upcoming 4G VoLTE, BSNL is all ready to take the pricing war to the next level.

BSNL vs Airtel vs Jio (Postpaid Plan Comparison)

BSNL has two premium postpaid plans. The Rs. 1,199/- plan offers 90GB data and Rs. 1,525/- offers unlimited data without any cap or restrictions in speed. In contrast, Airtel is offering 100GB data with their Rs. 1,599 postpaid plan and Reliance Jio is offering 90GB of data with their Rs. 999 postpaid plan for a 28-day billing cycle.

Operator Plan Data Validity
BSNL Rs. 1199 90GB 28 days
BSNL Rs. 1525 Unlimited 28 days
Airtel Rs. 1599 100GB 28 days
Jio Rs. 999 90GB 28 days


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