Truecaller Opens Up Their Ad Manager Platform For Indian Advertisers; Boost For Mobile Ads?

Truecaller will offer 6 second ads to advertisers through their self serve ad platform, where advertisers would be able to track and monitor the views, ad spending, and optimize the ads accordingly.


Truecaller Mobile ads

Truecaller, the caller identity and spam detection app has now opened up their Ad Manager platform for Indian advertisers.

This move can be seen as a major step towards making mobile advertisement more mainstream, and more transparent.

Earlier, Truecaller had collaborated with some brands, and experimented with mobile advertisements. After receiving encouraging results, the platform is now open for all advertisers.

Will this boost mobile advertisements in India? We will soon find out!

Truecaller’s Mobile Advertisement: 6 Second Videos

Truecaller is right now 4th most downloaded app in India and commands over 250 million active users worldwide with 3 billion searchable number. This is the perfect time to monetize this massive platform by utilizing the huge ad-inventory which Truecaller has.

Earlier, only special campaigns were launched, in collaboration with big brands on Truecaller.

But now, small and medium businesses can themselves create campaigns, and launch their ads, just like Facebook or Google.

Ted Nelson, Chief Commercial Officer, Truecaller said, “With this launch, we aim to fast track programmatic advertising in India.”

As of now, advertisers can create short 6 second videos, and place them on Truecaller app at various locations and spots.

Advertisers would be able to track and monitor the views, ad spending, and optimize the ads accordingly.

Explaining the logic behind short 6-seconds ads, Ted said, “As the consumption of video content across entertainment and media is soaring in India, this will enable businesses to showcase their brand to their consumers by leveraging video content to reach their audiences. The idea behind six second videos is to engage the user without boring him/her.”

If we talk only about Truecaller ads, then it has grown by 300% in the last 12 months, and total of 200 million impressions have been recorded on their ads, till date.

The Core Logic Behind Truecaller Ads

The intent of the caller is the core logic and principle behind Truecaller ads.

As per their website, Truecaller relies on Call Intent Targeting (CIT) to target the appropriate audience, and to deliver the most appropriate content as advertisement.

CIT works on those users, who are present and engaged with Truecaller: Maybe searching for some phone numbers, or identifying an incoming call.

Several big and popular brands like Patanjali, Myntra, Vivo, Jabong, Motorola and others have used Truecaller’s advertisement platform in the past.

Here are the case studies, which will surely interest the advertisers, who are planning to use Truecaller’s ad platform.

Here are some stats, as showcased on their website:

  • Total users: 250 million
  • Searchable Numbers: 3 billion
  • Spam calls identified/month: 460 million
  • Monthly searches: 4.2 billion

Will Truecaller’s mobile advertisement work in India? Do let us know by commenting right here!

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