Xiaomi Claims To Selling 2.5 Crore Handsets In India In Last 3 Years!

Xiaomi have sold 916 units per minute in the last three years in India.



Chinese smartphone and electronics major Xiaomi has declared an emphatic victory in India.

Xiaomi VP and India MD Manu Kumar has informed that they were able to sell 2.5 crore handsets in last three years, which makes them the fastest company ever to hold this record.

What is the reason that Xiaomi has able to beat other Chinese and Indian brands in capturing market share? What exactly is their secret recipe for success?

Xiaomi: We Are The Leaders

Self-appreciating their achievements, Manu Kumar tweeted some exciting numbers and figures, related to their sales in the last three years.

He tweeted that Xiaomi has sold record 22,000 units, per day in the last three years.

This translates to sale of 916 units per minute for them, a massive achievement, no doubt.

July marks their 3 years in India, as their first smartphone: Mi 3 was launched in July, 2014.

It seems incredible that the success run of Xiaomi is showing no signs of stopping in India, despite hurdles and geo-political issues.

Recently they declared that their latest launch: Redmi Note 4 has sold 50 lakh units, in 6 months. That time, Manu had said that they “broke all records to become No. 1 selling smartphone in Q1 & Q2,”

Interestingly, due to recent standoff with Chinese Govt. on border issues, and due to low sales, companies like Vivo and Oppo have sent back their Chinese employees back to China. But at the same time, as we observed, sales of Xiaomi products are not being hampered.

In fact, Xiaomi’s entry into offline retails has been attributed as one of the factors which led other Chinese brands to reduce their strength in India.

Xiaomi’s recent Mi 6 has received positive reviews as well, and has been hailed as the ‘Disruptor Among the Titans’.

Negative News Fails To Stop Xiaomi’s Success

At times, some negative news and developments too have happened, especially related with Xiaomi’s products.

For instance, in April, a Xiaomi Redmi Note4 exploded inside a user’s pockets, and burnt his thighs. Later, the company attributed this incident to ‘extreme external force’ applied on the handset.

In another instance, a brand new Redmi Note4 was found to be exploding, on live camera. The company later said that faulty third party charger was responsible for this incident.

Earlier, COAI had accused Xiaomi of using sub-standard chipsets in their phones, an accusation which has been vehemently denied by the company.

Despite these negative news, Xiaomi is unstoppable. Veteran entrepreneur Ratan Tata has already invested in Xiaomi, and last year’s their sales data during festive season sale shocked everyone with 5 lakh units sold in 72 hours.

Redmi Note 3 has been hailed as most popular smartphone in India, and this year in April, Xiaomi beat Apple and Samsung to become India’s most preferred smartphone brand.

Although we have attempted to decipher their success, but all attempts have been futile.

If you are a satisfied Xiaomi user, then do let us know what exactly is clicking here..?

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  1. Dixita says

    My first xiomi was mi3 when they launch in India 3 years back, my 2nd phone is redmi note which i bought 2 months back. I am addicted to Mi. It’s super battery back up, butter gliding screen and tough usage backed by best price made me going back to it again and again. My husband who bought a Samsung smart phone recently repents for not buying Mi again. He says, samsung sucks!

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