Yet Another Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Explodes; Burns User In Andhra Pradesh

Company Issues Statement But Is It Enough?



In yet another instance of hardware malfunction, Xiaomi’s phone exploded inside the user’s pocket, burning his thighs, and raising some crucial questions related to quality check and monitoring.

Why such incidences are not stopping?

On the other hand, was it user’s fault that it exploded? Something like what happened last time, when the same model exploded, on camera?

We explore..

Xiaomi User’s Nightmare: Handset Explodes Inside Pocket!

Bhavana Suryakiran from Ravulapalem in Andhra Pradesh’s East Godavari district had bought a brand new Redmi Note 4 smartphone from Flipkart, around 20 days ago.

Couple of days back, when he was riding his bike the handset exploded, burning his thighs. At the time of explosion, the handset was kept in his trouser pocket.

As per eyewitnesses, the fire was so intense that the fire didn’t douse, despite pouring several glasses of water.

The matter was first reported by, a Telugu news website.

The user, Suryakiran, has claimed that he will move to court against Xiaomi, and seek damages related to the burns and injuries.

Xiaomi Responds With Caution

As the news spread, Xiaomi has responded by issuing a statement: “We take such matters seriously as customer safety is of utmost importance for Xiaomi. All of our devices go through stringent quality tests. We have been able to establish contact with the customer and are in the process of procuring the damaged product to investigate the case carefully.”

The response is clearly issued with caution, as they have stated that investigation is currently on, and they are still not sure whether it is their fault or not.

The caution is natural, as the last time such an incident was reported, Xiaomi discovered that the explosion was caused due to the user’s fault.

Last month, the same Redmi Note 4 allegedly exploded, and the explosion was recorded on a camera.

Xiaomi investigated the incident, and found that “..the damage was caused due to a faulty third-party charger used by the customer. In addition, there were signs of physical damage on the phone as well.”

They had replaced the damaged handset with a brand new Redmi Note 4.

Xiaomi, which was hailed as India’s most preferred smartphone brand, is clearly on the backfoot now, after this recent incident of explosion. COAI has already slammed them for using cheap chipsets, an accusation which has been denied by Xiaomi.

We will keep you updated as receive more information.

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