BSNL Offers Unlimited Data For Rs 1099 Without FUP; No Free Calling Though

No Free Calling Is A Bummer!


BSNL Telecom

State-run BSNL has once again attempted to create ripples across the telecom sector, by unleashing unlimited data plans, at a price point which is quote competitive with Jio, Airtel, Idea and Vodafone.

But, there are downsides as well, which includes the rage of season – free voice calls.

Will BSNL be able to inspire even further data plans by contemporary telcos? We explore..

BSNL’s New Offer: Unlimited Data Plans

For pre-paid users, BSNL is now offering unlimited data access for Rs 1099 for 30 days. There is no limit or FUP on this offer, and the plan seems really unlimited.

Once 30 days are over, the data access would be charged at 3 paise per 10 KB.

Data access on roaming is free of any additional charge.

This offer of unlimited data access for Rs 1099 is unprecedented, especially when other telcos are not offering such plans.

If we compare similar plans at the same price range, then Airtel is offering 4GB per day for 30 days, by charging Rs 999 per month; whereas Jio is offering 1 GB per day for 90 days, by paying Rs 999.

This way, Airtel is offering per GB at effective price of Rs 35.68; whereas Jio is offering the same 1 GB for Rs 11.1. On the other hand, BSNL offering unlimited GBs per day for Rs 36.33 per day. Note here, that we are comparing 84 GB for 84 days, which Jio, Airtel and Idea have already launched.

However, before we start in-depth comparison, let us check the downsides of BSNL’s Unlimited Data plan.

What BSNL Is Missing Here?

The biggest advantage is clearly missing: Unlimited voice calls.

Pre-paid users of BSNL who are opting for this unlimited data plan for Rs 1099 won’t be able to make free calls, and this is clearly a big bummer. If we speak about options, then the user can anyways make free calls via WhatsApp or Messenger, using the free Internet.

Besides, BSNL has no 4G coverage, which means that unlimited data can be only accessed via 3G network.

This is not the first time BSNL has launched unlimited data plans. Last year, ironically, in the same August month, BSNL had launched the same Rs 1099 unlimited data plans for Rs 1099, which was without any FUP. And in September last year, BSNL launched unlimited broadband plans for Rs 249 per month.

If we compare the price of per GB access, then definitely BSNL scores above Airtel and Jio; but feature wise, things are certainly lacking.

Do you think BSNL’s latest salvo will work? Do let us know by commenting right here.

  1. Prashant says

    You’re too late in posting this article brother. BSNL has been offering this 1099 unlimited internet pack for 1 year. I always use this pack cause I’m high data usage person.

  2. M B PRAKASH says

    Hip Hip Hurray!!! BSNL a PSU shown its super stewardship! A leadership quality & the best way to their customers! Keep it up BSNL! We wish you all the best. Note: We don’t forgotten, that, after BSNL entered the era of Cellular service, all cell Companies, came down from, RS.16/- per O/G Rs.8/- per oncoming call in the earlier years!!

  3. Lingarajan says

    It’s misleading article… Daily 10GB data limit is there in BSNL’s 1099 “Unlimited” data plan ?

  4. Rajesh says

    First of all, let the BSNL to give uninterrupted coverage of the signal. Half of the time, the signal goes off. In times, though the signal is there, but no data flow. And overall services by BSNL is pathetic, like any other service provided by the Indian government.

  5. Sudar says

    First let BSNL expand 3G network only 2G coverage every where.

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