Google Feed Launching Soon in India – Things You Need to Know

Google Feed will launch along with Google Home


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Google is all set to launch their personalised content service, Google Feed in the country. Their smart speaker and smart assistant Google Home will make a debut together in the country.


What is Google Feed?

You can use the Google Feed to get information about your interests without searching for them. Like a traffic update, or a price drop of an air ticket you searched earlier or a score update of the latest match.

Google Feed and Google Home

With Google launching their smart speaker and assistant Google Home in the country, they will naturally have to launch the Google Feed too at the same time. The California based internet giant is doubling up their efforts to reach out to more and more users in India.

Launch by Early 2018

The launch of Google Feed was confirmed by a Google executive. The company is bringing the Feed service to the country shortly. Coming to their smart speaker and assistant Google Home, three people aware of the company’s plans said, the company will bring the smart speaker in the country soon, and is likely to be launched in India in early 2018.

Google Feed in India

India is a top priority on Google’s list. Though, Shashidhar Thakur, Vice President (Google Search) said, “it is difficult to say exactly how soon, but we want to get Google Feed to India soon”. Google will probably launch their smart speaker and smart assistant Google Home in the country, shortly after Amazon’s Alexa launch.

All Indian Language Addition

Google is also working on Google Search’s language diversity needs in the country. Their focus is to bring all the primary languages on board.

Location Based News Feed Feature

Back in July, Google launched their location based personalised news feed for phones. This feature throws up a stream of content on your mobile, based on the location, your search history and topics you have selected manually.

‘New-to-You’ Feature

Google is also planning to launch their ‘New-to-You’ feature to their feed this year. This will list out all the links to a user’s favourite topics, and will help the user to take a deeper dive into the particular subject.

Local Content

Thakur added that, another area for their investment in India is the local content. There is a wide variety of regional languages, and building the algorithm for each language is a big challenge. The search giant is planning to invest in these kind of aspects, that will ultimately improve the feed experience at the same time.

Google Home will support Indian Languages

Google will experiment with the regional languages with Google Home. They will start with Hindi and Tamil as some of the languages to test the Google Home. Ultimately, the main aim of Google Home is to be an Indian household’s go-to source. Be it for booking a cab, setting reminders, playing music, turning off the lights and many.

Amazon’s Alexa and Google Feed

Google Home will launch in the country just after Amazon’s Alexa. India will be a key market for both these companies, as they can test out how good their products will do among the upper and upper middle class sections. Though, Google will now primarily focus on getting stronger with the local languages for their local content needs.

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