Govt Finally Admits That Aadhaar Will Be Mandatory For All; Claims Leakage Of Aadhaar Numbers Is Not A Big Deal


Aadhaar Card Bill Back

In the on-going case in Supreme Court regarding the legal validity of Aadhaar Card, Govt. of India has finally come out of the closet, and admitted for the very first time, that Aadhaar would be made mandatory for all, very soon.

This holds major consequences because till now, Govt. had not openly admitted & declared that Aadhaar would be mandated for every Indian. Earlier, it was said that for welfare related schemes, Aadhaar would be made compulsory.

But, after this recent admission, things can drastically change.

Aadhaar Is safer Than PAN Card

The very base of Aadhaar being compulsory for all Indians stems from the claim of Govt. of India, that Aadhaar is much safer and protected platform than PAN Card.

Presenting his arguments before a bench comprising of Justices AK Sikri and Ashok Bhushan, Attorney General (AG) Mukul Rohatgi said, “Aadhaar makes a secure and robust system through which the identity of a person cannot be faked,”

As per the AG, PAN Card can be issued using ration cards and driving license, but Aadhaar needs authentic biometric data, which cannot be forged.

Citing an example, and to prove the logic, AG Rohatgi said, “Almost 113 crore individuals have enrolled for Aadhaar as compared to 29 crores who have PAN. Of them, almost 10 lakh PAN cards have been found to be fake,” he said, adding, “while the government found no instance of duplicate Aadhaar cards.”

Aadhaar Number Leak Not a Big Deal?

Later, when questioned about the recent cases of Aadhaar number leak, like that in Jharkhand, Govt. of India made very interesting, hardline stand.

First of all, Govt. said that the Aadhaar number leak happened due to the carelessness of Jharkhand Govt., which is a state govt., and Centre has nothing to do with this.

Then, the AG made a bomb of a statement – he said that leakage of Aadhaar number is not a big deal because the biometric data are still safe.

Refusing the very concept of privacy, the AG said, “In this world, there is no concept of reasonable privacy.”

In fact, he advised those who are making a hue and cry about privacy to go to the Himalayas, and live as a hermit there.

The hearing is still on, and we will keep you updated as we receive more information.

If you disagree with Rohatgi’s statements and claims about privacy concern vis-a-vis Aadhaar, then do let us know by commenting right here.

  1. Vivek narain says

    If a large number of people get their mobile numbers cancelled and then enrol for aadhaar it will be a huge blow for police detpartment.

  2. Jai says

    When the Govt. itself make such remarks that privacy is not a right of an individual, its clear signs of doomsday for people of this country. Its not known, what they’re going to do with all those biometric data, but one thing is for sure, beware of history.

    History has give us more such instances where such things happened and in the future too, it will happen again unless the people of this country wake up from their freebies mindset and use their own constitutional rights!

    Now the tamasha will begin with the Supreme Court of India… Let’s see.

  3. Mukesh says

    I agree with govt rather than rabble rouser like you. Govt formed by the people has a right to know who benefits from welfare and who is a fraud. We also need to find who dodges taxes.

  4. Santokh Saggu says

    This is the sign of dictatorship.

  5. Santokh Saggu says

    Mera dialog mujhe hi suna diya.Himalaya aur hermit wala dialog to Maine Facebook mein likha tha.

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