Facebook To Launch Premium TV Shows Starting June 2017; Should Netflix, Amazon Prime Be Worried?


Facebook Premium TV Shows

We all know how serious Facebook is when it comes to videos.

From a mobile-first company, Facebook has now become a video-first company, and recently, Mark Zuckerberg had said: “I see video as a mega trend on the same order as mobile. That’s why we’re going to keep putting video first across our family of apps and making it easier for people to capture and share video in new ways..”

After launching dedicated apps for smart TVs, Facebook has now decided to directly compete against Netflix, by launching their own exclusive TV shows, which would be offered only on Facebook videos.

As per incoming reports, the first show will be launched in mid-June, so that their new shows can be presented during Cannes Lions advertising festival, which will start from June 17th.

Facebook’s Premium TV Shows Will Work?

As per reports, Facebook is right now aggressively hiring video producers, video content developers and video script writers across all platforms.

A recent job posting on Linkedin from Facebook said, that they need a guy who can “develop, script, produce and edit sharable motion picture content.”

To kickstart the process, Facebook is reportedly in talks to develop 24 high quality, new and innovative premium TV shows, which will support both the popular formats: Long duration shows on the likes of ‘House of Cards’, and short 10-20 minutes shows, which online audience loves.

Virtual reality dating show from Conde Nast Entertainment is already being developed right now, besides collaborating with several “A-list celebrities” from Hollywood to create huge budget TV shows.

Why Is Facebook Venturing Into TV Shows?

Advertisement dollars, seems the most plausible explanation, as of now.

Facebook wants the advertisers to spend more on news feed advertisements, which Facebook users are currently populating, spending hours of their time on scrolling down.

With TV and videos, Facebook wants even more dedicated audience, which is hooked onto TV shows now. Facebook’s popularity with videos is well-known fact now, and Mark now wants TV videos to be added to it.

Zuckerberg had recently said, “It’s part of a major initiative at the company to begin syphoning away some of the billions of dollars that are spent on television advertising ever year — a major growth opportunity for Facebook, which is running out of room in the News Feed to show more ads,”

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