Facebook Introduces Support for Videos as Mobile Profile Pictures!


Mobile FB profile pictures

Facebook is always upto something, to keep serving new dishes on the platter of those who login to the social networking site. More than four billion times a day, people across the globe visit Facebook profiles.

The company is hence under constant pressure to bring in new stuff, to renovate the old, and to create new trends to keeps those billions hooked. The timeline, which is the biggest attraction of Facebook is constantly being curated with newer stuff, lately the auto play feature was added for videos.

Videos have been gaining much popularity online, especially on Facebook. People are also getting more and more conscious about their online identities and hence keep curating their profiles, changing for the better. In the same light, Facebook has added a new feature today, wherein you could add a 7 second looped video as your profile picture.

This new move is surely going to bring profiles to life by having videos in there. From its first introduction of profile pictures back in 2004, Facebook has come a long way. That’s some great evolution in profiles!

Something that you couldn’t do before, you couldn’t show movement. This would just bring a different facet of your personality on the profile. Facebook was all aware of the power of the profile picture when it witnessed 26 million people using its Celebrate Pride filter lately. Was probably very apparent that people take profile pictures as a mode to project themselves.

Facebook also introduced 4 other features along with this one which are:

  1. The option to pin Featured Photos to the top of the profile
  2. Temporary profile pics
  3. Easier visibility controls for About info, including a new 100 character Bio field
  4. A mobile-centric design with centered profile photos plus big sections for photos and friends

Temporary profile pictures are those which would help you show off what’s on in your life at the moment. The picture would revert back to your profile picture after a specified time. So the picture is going to be specifically for those moments.

The major bummer here is that the profile pictures would be coming to the center. Its getting bigger and better with the new creative tools, and we’re sure its going to be a feast to the eyes.

The features have all started rolling out for test users. All the rest need to do is wait and breathe!

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