Google Ropes In Anurag Kashyap, Ridley Scott, Shekhar Kapoor To Create ‘India In A Day’, A Crowd Sourced Documentary


India in a day

Google has launched a special project, which aims to determine what and how much has changed in India, via a short crowd-sourced documentary film called ‘India in a Day’. To make this historic film even more memorable, Google has roped in contemporary India’s finest film makers: Anurag Kashyap, Zoya Akhtar, Shekhar Kapoor; along with reputed British filmmaker Ridley Scott.

This movie aims to find out answers to some of the most crucial questions for an Indian: What are his fears, what are his dreams, what is he thinking right now, what does he love, what does he hate. The film makers are attempting to find out what India is, in 2015.

The movie would be directed by Richie Mehta; while Anurag Kahsyap and Ridley Scott would be the executive producers. Zoya Akhtar and Shekhar Kapoor would be the creative consultants of this project.

Crowd Sourced Film: A New Beginning

On October 10th, anyone with a camera can shoot anything, as it happens, and send them to Google. As per the film makers, the video can be literally anything, which informs the viewer about his point of view regarding staying and living in India.

Participants can shoot another person, an event in his life on that particular day, any incident which he or she wants to report, any thought, idea or comment about anything which is close to his heart.

As per the available guidelines, once the movie has been shot, it needs to be uploaded at More details regarding uploading the video would be shared on October 10th.

The film-makers will create a documentary based on all the entries received; and due credits would be shared once the film premiers next year.

Some Dos and Don’ts

Some tips and suggestions shared by film makers for taking part in this project, and shooting India in A Day:

  • Participants can use any camera or mobile to shoot the video. But they have suggested to record at 16:9 ratio, 25 frames per second .
  • All videos must be shot in landscape mode, not portrait.
  • Film anyone ; film anywhere and whatever the participant wants.
  • No swearing or NSFW material would be accepted in the video
  • Films, brands or famous images are not recommended to shoot
  • No background music is allowed
  • And, no one should break any law to shoot a film
  • Film makers have explicitly informed: Don’t worry about good or bad film. All they need to do is shoot!

Google has provided an ‘Appearance Release Form’, which should be signed by anyone who wish to appear in the video.

It seems an interesting idea to capture the real essence of India, and to peek into the life of an Indian, on a normal day.

What will you shoot, if you are planning to take part in ‘India in a Day’?

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