Now, Earn Credit With Uber’ Loyalty Programme; Uber Lost & Found Index Reveals Bengaluru is the Most Forgetful City!


Uber Loyalty

Uber has announced an interesting programme in India which will be benefitted by regular Uber riders. Called the ‘Uber Loyalty Programme’, this service will provide loyalty credits to riders, per ride only taken in the month of April 2017. These loyalty credits can then be used for rides.

The company says 1 loyalty credit is same as Re. 1. However, one can earn 10 credits per ride, and an additional 10% of the money you spend on Uber. This means a minimum of 10 credits, along with one tenth of the ride’s cost. Credits accrued through the week will be added to your account every Tuesday of the following week.

This offer is not available to everyone, and select riders will be contacted via email, SMS or in-app feed. There is no minimum requirement on the number of rides to be taken or the amount needed to be spent on Uber to be eligible for the credits.

Trips Taken Total Billings & Promo Discounts Redeemed Credits earned
10 Rs. 5,000 with no promo discount 100 + 500 = 600
20 Rs. 8,000 with Rs. 100 of promo discount 200 + 790 = 990
30 Rs 10,000 with Rs. 500 of promo discount 300 + 950 = 1,250

All these Uber credits you earn will be used in the next trips of yours until they get exhausted. These loyalty credits are exactly like those you earn when you refer someone to Uber.

The same programme has been tested in the US last year, where customers would get the credits in the form of a $25 free ride. Uber India is limiting this to only a few customers, so it seems like the company is piloting this service in India. In the future Uber might reveal a full fledged loyalty program for all its riders.

Rival Olacabs also has a loyalty program called ‘Ola Select’, that offers special discounts, free upgrades, free WiFi and discount coupons to those subscribed. Uber’s loyalty program model is more about earning credits, than providing better perks.

Uber Lost & Found India Index

The cab-hailing company has come up with interesting statistics to introduce the Lost and Found index, that details the items lost regularly by riders, as well as the most unique items lost in an Uber cab.

The blog read, “The Uber Lost & Found Index is a snapshot of our riders’ most commonly forgotten items, – from keys to chargers to wallets – and the most surprising items left behind. It also highlights which cities are most prone to forgetfulness, and which days of the week Uber riders tend to be most forgetful.”

The top 10 things commonly lost by riders in cabs are phones, rings, keys, wallet, hats/caps, purse/bags, license/ID, dongles, charger and sunglasses in the same order. Saturday is the most common day an item is reported missing.

Quite obvious, but 31st December 2016 was the most forgetful day in 2016, followed by 11th December, 27th December, 27th November and 12th December. This also tells that December was the most forgetful month in 2016, owing to the holiday season and people having a time of their life.

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