Ola Launches ‘Ola Select’ Exclusive Benefit Program; Will Offer Free in-Cab WiFi and More Perks


Ola Select

Ola has announced the launch of an exclusive benefits program for selected customers, called Ola Select. As per the official announcement, Ola Select will offer four major benefits:

  • Free In-Cab WiFi facility
  • Upgrades at no additional cost
  • Special discount offers for select customers
  • Exclusive deals and offers from Ola partners such as Snapdeal, Myntra and ClearTrip

Not every customer will be eligible to apply for Ola Select; only those who are heavy users of Ola cabs would be offered this exclusive service. Usage patterns such as frequency and behavior would be checked before offering Ola Select.

Sudarshan Gangrade, Vice President- Marketing in Ola said, “Many of our customers use us every single day of their lives and Ola Select is our way of treating them ultra-special… We are confident that Ola Select customers would enjoy the additional benefits and continue to be patrons and evangelists in our mission of mobility for a billion people.”

Ola Select can be partially compared with similar exclusive programs from Amazon (Amazon Prime) and Flipkart (Flipkart First). With Amazon Prime, customers can get speedy delivery, exclusive digital downloads and more. With Flipkart First, customers can get 60 day replacement, free shipping and more such perks. However, Amazon Prime costs $99 in USA for annual subscription, and Flipkart First is charged Rs 500 per year.

In case with Ola Select, it’s an exclusive invite-only program for selected customers.

How To Woo Taxi Customers – The Ola/Uber Way!

Online cab aggregators such as Ola and Uber have been trying different, offbeat tactics to attract and woo customers, especially after they both have reached a saturation point in decreasing per km rate (you can’t go below Rs 6-7 per kms for a cab, can you?).

For instance, Ola had introduced a unique offer of experiencing OnePlus 2 handset for all their app users. The offer triggered a buzz and lots of customers availed this offer. Before that, they had offered exclusive make-over for their app customers from Myntra stylists.

Not to be left behind, Uber too has initiated surprising, innovative offers for their customers. For instance, recently they offered entrepreneurs a chance to pitch their business idea to an investor/mentor inside an Uber cab. Earlier they facilitated a ride in super car for Delhi customers.

But diversification had been on Ola’s mind since long; they have already launched a full fledged online food delivery service along with going hyperlocal with online grocery business. We have already reported that Ola is going to enter into online bus bookings as well.

It would be interesting to see how much interest Ola Select program draws from their customers.

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