Aadhaar Number Would Now Included In Every Degree; UGC Says 23 Universities, 279 Tech Institutes Are Fake


Aadhaar Degree

After venturing into business, social welfare, train tickets and smartphones, the scope of Aadhaar has now been extended into education as well.

University Grants Commission has now asked all Universities to include the student’s Aadhaar number, photograph in the degree awarded. This means that any student who doesn’t have Aadhaar Number won’t be receiving the degree.

To be fair with UGC, they have asked the Universities to include any identification proof in the degree awarded, to weed off fake and fraud cases. However, special mention of Aadhaar in their statement makes the whole activity more interesting.

UGC Secretary, J S Sandhu said, “They help in introducing uniformity and transparency within and across the system of higher education in the country,”

Not only degrees but marks-sheet and/or any document or certificate issued by the University will have to have Aadhaar number or any other form of identification.

Sandhu further said, “You are also requested to inscribe the name of the institution in which a student is enrolled as well as the mode of delivery (regular, part-time or distance),”

Recently, Govt. of India passed a bill which makes Aadhaar mandatory for filing IT returns. After this bill was introduced, questions were being raised whether Govt. is making Aadhaar as a mandatory requirement for every citizen, because Supreme Court had earlier said that Aadhaar is not a mandatory ID.

In response, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has famously said, ‘If the technology, which has a network of 108 crore people and all tax-paying households have it, and they give it along with their ITR, then the scope for fraud and tax evasion comes down,”

When a journalist asked him whether Govt. is forcing people to obtain Aadhaar Card, he said, “Yes, we are..”

World Bank had recently lavished praise on Aadhaar platform, calling it World’s most sophisticated system of identification.

India’s Finance Minister, Mr Arun Jaitley has even gone the extent of saying that, “ Aadhaar may become the only card in the future for Indians’

23 Universities, 279 Technical Institutions Are Fake

Meanwhile, in their annual review of all Universities and colleges present in the country, UGC has discovered that as of now, 23 universities, 279 technical institutions are running without UGC approval, and hence, they have been declared as fake.

UGC said, ‘Public notices are also published in newspapers cautioning the students not to take admission in such unapproved institutions”

New Delhi, India’s capital, is also the capital of fake Universities and colleges. UGC discovered that there are 66 colleges in Delhi which are illegally conducting educational courses, and providing degrees, which are not valid anywhere.

Out of 23 fake Universities, 7 are present in Delhi.

An official said, “We send the list of unapproved and unregulated technical institutions to concerned state authorities for taking appropriate action against such institutions,”

Here is a list of all fake Universities and Institutions, as declared by UGC.

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