World Bank Lavishes Praise On Aadhaar Card; Calls It World’s Most Sophisticated ID Program!


Aadhaar ID Program

UIDAI’s Aadhaar Card platform has been hailed as World’s most sophisticated identification program by a senior World Bank executive. In fact, all other nations have been asked to adapt Aadhaar’s bio-metric centric identification program.

Aadhaar Is World’s Most Sophisticated ID System: World Bank

In a recent interview, World Bank chief economist Paul Romer lavished praise on India’s effort to provide a unique identification to all citizens via Aadhaar cards.

He said, “The Aadhaar system is the most sophisticated identification programme in the world”.

Encouraging all nations to adopt this platform, he said, “It’s the basis for all kinds of connections that involve things like financial transactions. It could be good for the world if this became widely adopted,”

Note here, that countries like Russia, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia have already shown interest in developing Aadhaar like platforms for their own citizens, and representatives from Tanzania, Afghanistan and Bangladesh have already visited India to understand clearly how Aadhaar works.

Aadhaar Security Is Part Of Govt. Policy

When asked about the dangers of data getting breached and privacy compromised, Paul said that the safety aspect is part of Govt. policy, and the framework should be flexible enough to provide control as well restrict its access based on the authority.

He said, “It should be part of the policy of the government to give individuals some control over the data that the private firms collect and some control over how that data is used.”

Again, note here that the UK has scrapped its plan to develop an Aadhaar-like centralised repository for identifying all citizens, based on privacy issues and protests against such protocol. Wherein in France, their Govt. may soon close their Aadhaar like platform due to increased security breaches, and in the US, identity thefts complaints were the 2nd highest crime reported in the country.

In their World Development Report 2016, the World Bank had said “a digital identification system such as India’s Aadhaar, by overcoming complex information problems, helps willing governments to promote the inclusion of disadvantaged groups.”; but didn’t mention the security threats it brings in.

UIDAI Assures Aadhaar Is Safe

As a time when 1.12 billion Indians have enrolled for Aadhaar card, thereby covering 99% of all 18+ citizens, doubts and apprehensions about its security is on a rise.

Any data hack can easily compromise billions of thumb expressions, iris scan data and more, thereby wreaking havoc everywhere.

However, UIDAI is pretty confident about its security and safety.

After reports emerged as to how bank officials had siphoned off crores using Aadhaar based transactions, UIDAI issued a statement, wherein they said, “It is an isolated case of an employee working with a bank’s Business Correspondent’s company making an attempt to misuse his own biometrics which was detected by UIDAI internal security system and subsequently actions under the Aadhaar Act have been initiated..”

World Bank’s praises and endorsement regarding Aadhaar card has come in at a crucial time for UIDAI and Indian Gov

But doubts still remain for the security and safety of data.

  1. Nilamkumar Patel says

    Doubts over data security can not be ignored, if data is not safe for USA, UK like countries with more powerful IT systems, and recent examples of breaching and hacking of govt. websites, most recent data loss of all vigilance data, citizen’s data security must be taken seriously and hope govt would be working on it.

    As of now, we don’t have choice, because govt. made aadhar compulsory for many of its depts and services, we can only hope for good.

  2. Shwas Homes says

    sure, aadhaar have fingerprint and eye identification , so its a big advantage and good deal

  3. Nitin Sharma says

    Major institutions around the world are praising our Aadhaar System. We can be proud of it and we much ensure that the Aadhaar infrastructure continue to remain a benchmark

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