Snapdeal Partners With Truecaller to Improve Order Confirmation and Delivery Rates


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Often the delivery guys at large e-commerce companies have to keep waiting to get the right directions to the delivery locations. India has very unstructured addresses and it gets difficult to locate areas.

To solve this problem, and increase the incidence of people picking Snapdeal’s calls, the company has partnered with Truecaller to create a specific tag for calls from Snapdeal’s representatives. Truecaller does the best job in sourcing phone numbers and offering users the name and location of the caller.

Now every time someone from Snapdeal calls you to confirm the order, confirm the delivery date and the location, you will see ‘Truecaller Priority’ feature kick in. The Truecaller tag will have ‘Snapdeal Order Team’ or ‘Snapdeal Delivery Team’ written on it, highlighted in purple.

This will make it easier for you to identify the reason for a call, and hopefully, more customers will respond to them. Often a lot of such calls get ignored because they seem like other spam calls.

Talking about this initiative, Jayant Sood, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Snapdeal, said “We are pleased to bring the Truecaller Priority feature to our platform. It will help reduce a key friction point in the delivery process; ensuring that our customers don’t miss out of any important calls from Snapdeal, and also increase the daily rate of deliveries for us by increasing the call completion rate.”

Moreover, the company hopes to see a reduction in no-response rate, which would come once more customers answer the calls from genuine Snapdeal teams. The only caveat is that the customers will have to have Truecaller downloaded on their smartphones and we already know how famous the app is already.

Spammers can abuse this feature

When a company explicitly has to launch a feature like this, it means that scammers and spammers have already invaded the space. A lot of fake callers in the name of e-commerce companies, dupe people on a daily basis.

Even though they eventually get tagged as spam, getting a phone number in India is very easy and it doesn’t take much time for them to start over again. Although this feature will definitely add value, spammers can also name their own numbers from the same location to ‘Snapdeal delivery team’ etc.

Unless Snapdeal and Truecaller have a fix in place for this, people always find ways to do fraud and this initiative might not last as long as the companies have imagined it to. However, at least the customers know what numbers are definitely spam and unsafe.

Source: ANI

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