Google Attacks eCommerce; Will Launch ‘Shopping Tab’ With Flipkart, Paytm Mall

Google has decided to challenge Amazon with their ecommerce centric feature.

Google's Shopping Tab is launching in India
Google’s Shopping Tab is launching in India – Google Shopping Tab

Google is planning to launch its famous ‘Shopping’ tab in the country to help users buy products directly from search results. The ‘Shopping’ tab will let users make a purchase on any of the e-commerce platforms and you can directly check the product listings.

Google will soon be piloting its Shopping tab in India before a final launch by the end of the year.

Reportedly Google is losing its market share to Amazon over product searches. The internet search giant is facing a tough competition from Amazon who leads the market with its Prime services in the US. The upcoming Shopping tab indicates that Google doesn’t want to lose out to Amazon in India.

Google Shopping Tab

The Google Shopping tab is aimed at connecting e-commerce platforms and Google directly via search results. The new feature will allow users to buy a product directly from Google. The company will fulfill the orders either through its payment product or otherwise.

Flipkart, Paytm Mall and Snapdeal are the first companies to take part in the company’s shopping tab initiative.

Google already has the product listings available via its ‘product listing ads’. Though the upcoming Google Shopping tab will allow users to control and directly make a purchase via Google. Users can now filter out the products they search based on different categories, price, and other attributes.

Google vs Amazon: War For Market Share?

In US, Google is already facing a tough competition from Amazon. The Prime offers a complete ecosystem with its range of offerings and services. The strong network built by Amazon is something Google lacks.

Amazon is growing rapidly and Google its losing online shoppers. The ad revenues are declining, while Amazon is getting stronger day by day.

E-commerce companies are reducing their ad spendings on Google due to lesser conversions. Google already has lost a major chunk of the product searches to Amazon. The Amazon ad revenue is growing at over 132 percent quarter-on-quarter.

India has about 85 plus million online shoppers and all the buyers are a potential market for Google. The new tab will help the company to provide a higher degree of conversion with its strong user intent.

Local Shopping: Google’s E-commerce Entry

Google is working on to build a strong offline network of small and medium enterprises to neighborhood Kirana stores. The company is building a platform where any retailer can update their products directly to Google. The service is being provided free of cost and currently Google charges nothing to list a product.

The Google shopping tab will act as a launchpad for its own e-commerce entry. A platform directly on Google will enable the internet giant to set up an entire online marketplace without an actual e-commerce store.

An overall support from a wide variety of options like online shopping portals and neighborhood Kirana stores to medium enterprises will allow Google to dominate in the space. At the same time, users will not have to leave Google to shop, so it’s a win-win situation for the internet giant.

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