Truecaller App Integrates TrueDialer Features, Brings in New Design


The New Truecaller

Truecaller, one of the must have apps in a smartphone has now been updated with an improved design and a new app icon to make it even more attractive and easy to use.

In case, you haven’t heard of Truecaller or have tried it yet, then you should do it now by all means. Here are some of its main features:

  1. It is one of the most used alternative dialer apps for Android which not only identifies unknown incoming calls, but also blocks unwanted spam calls from spam callers and telecallers, as reported by their community of more than 100 million users across the world.
  2. Truecaller lets you search for any number, and find out who it belongs to.
  3. Tweet and follow directly from the Truecaller app.
  4. The premium version of Truecaller also lets you search for people via their names.

“Truecaller is now bringing many of the great features from Truedialer and integrating them into Truecaller, giving you full control your entire calling experience with just one app,” mentioned Truecaller in a blog post.

Truecaller is now updated with a new design and some features which are borrowed from Truedialer.

“Now it is time to bring Truecaller to a new level by adding even more value to one of your favorite and most necessary apps on your phone. Introducing integrated features Smart Call History, Availability and an added dialer to make calls,” the blog post revealed.

Truecaller now includes functions which would let you check the status of your contacts, names of unknown callers in your call logs, and has a new design with an integrated dialer. Here are the new additions to Truecaller:

1. Smart Call History- This functionality replaces unknown numbers in your call logs with real names and photos of the persons who called.

2. Availability- Check the status of your contacts before you give them a call. This would result in better call connect ratios.

3. Built-in dialer- Now you can make calls directly from the Truecaller app.

4. New Design & App Icon- Truecaller now has a fresh look and revamped design.

This new version of Truecaller is already available on Google Play. Download it now and let us know your thoughts about it.

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