Truecaller’s Twitter Integration: What It Means To Indian Users


Truecaller is very popular with Indian smartphone users – the popularity of this reverse phone lookup app can be judged from the fact that half of all the new users added on Truecaller network are from India.

According to Techcrunch report, Truecaller adds a whopping 1 million users a week, out of which roughly 500k are from Indian alone. Over 22 million Indian smartphone users use Truecaller, which means that roughly every 4th smartphone user has this app installed.

Leaving aside the privacy aspect, Truecaller is definitely one of the must-have apps. Truecaller’s main feature of knowing who the user is (when a call comes from a number not in your phonebook) is its killer feature.

Now, with twitter integration, Truecaller’s usefulness will get further extended, as it will allow them to instantly identify the caller’s twitter handle as well.

Let us take a look at how this actually works, and what it means to Indian smartphone users:

For example, if you have Truecaller installed on your phone and you receive a call from a person who has a twitter account, you will have have the ability to tweet or follow a person directly through the Truecaller app. It is for the first time that Twitter content can be accessed in this way, leading to a more robust social experience for millions of users.

Truecaller twitter Integration

What this does it, it adds an extra layer of communication – so if you get a missed call from a twitter user, you can just tweet them and carry out further conversation. You can also add add users to your twitter if the person who has called is not connected with you. From twitter’s perspective also it is great because more people will now make connections through Truecaller.

The latest version, Truecaller 4.0, which has twitter integration is currently only available for Android, and will be released for iOS in the beginning of 2014.

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