Instagram Now Allows Users to Turn Off Comments, Like Individual Comments & Remove Followers from Private Accounts


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Popular image sharing website, Instagram, is back with some security features in the latest update of its app. In terms of features, Instagram is at par with Snapchat, which makes users even more vulnerable to spam and hatred.

In the past, the company has released some security updates to filter comments based on keywords that are not suitable to the user. While this did stop a lot of hatred and abuse on the platform, there was need for stricter controls and overall power to the user itself.

Now, just like YouTube, Instagram will allow the user to disable comments completely on the post. This means that even followers, if the profile is public, will not be able to post anything on the photo post. This saves celebrities and famous personalities from a lot of comment filtering.

Previously this was only available for a small number of accounts. In a few weeks, it will be available for everyone. Tap on “Advanced Settings” before you publish your post and then select “Turn Off Commenting.” You can also tap the … menu any time after posting to turn commenting back on.

Instagram is further adding the ability to like comments on Instagram. Currently that feature is missing, and it will be similar to liking comments on Facebook. However, you just have to double tap the comment or tap the heart icon next to the comment to like the comment. We’re not sure whether the highest liked comment will be shown first, like on Facebook.

Finally, going forward, if your account is private, you can remove followers by going to your list of followers and tapping the … menu next to any person’s name. The person will not be notified that you removed them as a follower.

This feature of removing followers on Instagram, once the account was private, was not straightforward and was needed very desperately by people who were being harassed on social media.

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What direction is Instagram going towards?

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is actually trying to become like all the other platforms – Snapchat, Facebook and WhatsApp. The recent features on the platform seem to indicate a large push towards cloning Snapchat features.

On the other hand, disabling comments and liking them shows some inclination towards a Facebook-like status and comment structure. Instagram might also bring in reactions in the future, because users want to show some emotions other than the heart.

In terms of messaging, Instagram is trying to become like WhatsApp by bringing group conversations and photo sharing etc. While the company started as a distinct photo-sharing platform, it has takes cues from other platforms to improve itself.

Having said that, this new feature will provide a lot more control to users and save them from all the demeaning comments. Also, removing unwanted followers will bring some respite to users who planned to quit the platform altogether. You now know how celebrities will try to stay away from trolls and spammers.

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