Reliance Jio Blames Vodafone For 15 Crore Failed Calls In Last 10 Days!


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While Bharti Airtel and Idea Cellular have planned to release sufficient Points of Interconnects (PoIs) to Reliance Jio for improving the quality of service experienced by Jio users, Vodafone plans to do something different.

Reliance Jio has expressed its disappointment over Vodafone India’s decision to not release the required number of PoIs to Jio. The company agrees that while Vodafone India has release more PoIs for its network, the number is simply not enough and is degrading Jio’s Quality of Service (QoS).

“The quantum of POIs proposed to be released by Vodafone as per its press release is substantially less than the requirement estimated based on transparent workings shared with Vodafone,” mentioned RJIL in the press release.

The company has been writing to Vodafone India for the over the last few months for providing the required number of PoIs but in vain. Due to the lack PoIs for Reliance Jio network, Jio subscribers are finding it very difficult to talk to their friends and colleagues on the Vodafone network.

According to the press release sent to us, 80 out of 100 attempted calls fail for Vodafone network. Over 15 crore calls placed by Jio subscribers on the Vodafone network have failed in the last 10 days.

This is far outside the limits prescribed by TRAI, according to which not more than 1 in every 200 calls made should fail due to PoI congestion.

“While RJIL has rolled out a state-of-the-art network, the benefits of superior voice technology have been denied to Indian customers due to the POI congestion. Indian customers have not been able to enjoy RJIL’s free voice offer as a result of such anti-competitive behaviour of incumbent operators,” RJIL complains.

The situation has become worse in the last few days as the company is adding about 5 lakh subscribers daily, and the Vodafone network is not configured to receive so many calls from Jio 4G.

Such anti-competitive behaviour from Vodafone is not in the consumers’ best interests and would also put a question mark on Vodafone’s ethical practices.

RJIL also alleges that the incumbent telecom operators are also discouraging their subscribers to port to Jio by blocking their MNP facility. This is not what is expected of such large telecom operators.

We hope that Vodafone provides the required PoIs to Jio so it can meet its QoS parameters. We are also hoping that the incumbent telcos would stop blocking the MNP facility of their subscribers so they can switch to Jio 4G without any hassle.

Have you faced any issue while porting to Jio from either Airtel, Vodafone, or Idea? Do let us know.

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