Vodafone-Idea Becomes “Vi”: Executes World’s Largest Branding Integration

Vodafone-Idea Becomes "Vi": Executes World’s Largest Branding Integration
Vodafone-Idea Becomes “Vi”: Executes World’s Largest Branding Integration

Vodafone-Idea, the entity which was formed after merger of Vodafone and Idea has now executed world’s largest branding integration.

The new telecom brand is called VI, spelled as “We”, and denotes V from Vodafone and I from Idea.

Here are more details about this massive branding integration.

Vodafone-Idea Is Now Vi

Vodafone-Idea has announced the creation of a new brand identiy called Vi, with a slogan “Together for Tomorrow”.

Vodafone has described this as world’s largest branding integration anywhere in the world.

As of July, 20202, Vodafone-Idea had 29 crore users, in the last quarter, their userbase fell by 61 lakhs, even as Airtel and Jio continued to ramp up new users.

However, in terms of active subscribers, Vodafone-Idea is at #2 position after Airtel.

Vi: Brand Integration Of Vodafone-Idea

In June 2018, when Vodafone and Idea merged and created India’s biggest subscriber base of telecom users in India, the branding was intentionally kept apart.

While Idea focussed on the rural userbase, with customized plans and offerings, Vodafone focussed on the urban users, with new plans such as Vodafone Red.

However, after two years of experiment, it seems that the Vodafone-Idea management observed no use of keeping separate brand identities. Both Idea and Vodafone continued to lose users, as more and more subscribers complained of pathetic service and very poor coverage.

Now, the integration of the networks, billing, subscribers and brading is also completed, thereby making it world’s largest telecom merger, and branding integration.

Vodafone Will Raise Funds, And Expand 4G, 5G

Interestingly, the news of the new brand Vi comes days after Vodafone-Idea announced that they will raise Rs 25,000 crore funds, after Supreme Court allowed them to pay theie dues in installments.

Now, Vodafone-Idea, or Vi is all set to expand their 4G coverage, attract new users, and work hard on being the 1st to roll out 5G connectivity in India.

We will keep you updated, as more details come in. 

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