Reliance Jio 4G: How to Port Your Existing Number to Jio


Reliance Jio SIM Cards

Over last 10 days or so, Indian media has extensively covered and hailed launch of Reliance Jio 4G Services. The mad rush for their welcome offer still prevails. Incumbent telecom operators are obviously not too enthused about the launch. Telco’s like Bharti Airtel and & Idea Cellular have seen their valuations dip by thousands of crores.

They have retaliated – and are not allowing Jio Voice calls to terminate on the network. No wonder people are facing tremendous problems when trying to call to other network through their Jio SIM. While the Jio launch has been termed as path-breaking for telecom space, the consumers wanting to get on Jio network have had to face fair share of the problems.

Even so, hundreds of thousands of users trust that Reliance Jio will solve all the problems in coming weeks and months. They are already eager to port their existing numbers from their current network to Reliance Jio Services to take advantage of free voice calling, free SMSes and most of all loads of 4G data.

We bring you the exact step-by-step procedure to port your existing number to Reliance Jio Network:


How to Port You Existing Number to Reliance Jio

The procedure for porting is exactly the same with Jio as in with any other operator. However, before you decide to port, please look at all the Jio plans and find the one suitable for you.

Step 1)

To ensure that you can get the Jio 4G SIM at the earliest, do ensure that you are able to generate the offer code from your 4G Smartphone, without which you will not get a Jio SIM card. Download the MyJio app from Google Play Store. You will get a screen stating “Get Jio SIM” – follow the process till you get valid offer code. Visit the nearest Reliance Digital or Xpress Digital store near you to ensure that they have Jio SIM cards available. Most of the stores have atleast 3-4 days of waiting for new Jio Sim cards. Once you have confirmed, you can move to Step number 2

Step 2)

From your mobile number send a Port Out request to your current operator by typing ” < Port > < space> < mobile number >” to 1900. For example: Send “PORT 9822XXXXXX” to 1900. You will receive an SMS from 1901 with a Unique Port Code (UPC). You need to give this code when you visit Reliance Jio store. Please keep in mind that the code is is valid for 15 days.

Step 3)

You can then visit your nearest Reliance Digital / Dx Mini / Preferred Jio retailer or prominent multi-brand Jio store and fill up the Customer Application Form (CAF). You will need your Port out code (Generated in Step 2) and Welcome Offer code (Generated in Step 1). You will also need to carry the 4G handset on which you generated the welcome offer code.

Step 4)

You can either use Aadhaar based eKYC system or submit a copy of Proof of Address, Proof of Identity and a photograph to get your Jio SIM.

After you complete all these 4 steps, your number should get ported to Reliance Jio in two to three days time. Due to huge demand that Jio SIMs are seeing, it may take some time for the porting to happen.


Like we have mentioned earlier – Jio is still in testing phase and Voice calls are not getting through to other networks. While these problems are expected to resolve over next few weeks, we would suggest you to wait and not hurry into porting your number right away.

If you have already ported your number to Jio or are in process of doing so, do let us know your experience.

  1. Karamani says

    To experience the JIO effect you need to have a Band 3,5,40 supporting handset with Volte

  2. Divya says

    Same mistake you guys are doing in all your articles, calls not going through to other networks is not because of testing phase, this will continue forever if other networks don’t provide enough POI. Please mention same, as it gives impression that JIO has internal network issues when it comes to voice calls.

    1. Srinivasa Chaitanya says

      Other networks must provide POI once Jio starts commercial operations.

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