Reliance Jio Commercially Launched: Free Voice/SMS, Cheapest Data Rates in the World!


Finally Reliance Jio has been commercially launched and to say that they will disrupt the market will be an understatement. At the Reliance Annual General Meeting (AGM) today, Mukesh Ambani revealed all details that people across the country were waiting for with bated breath.

He made multiple announcements – but the biggest one was by far the Mobile data prices – He first set the stage by talking about how other telecom providers are overcharging – and then dropped the bomb on them by announcing the cheapest data prices in the world.

Jio Data Tariffs

But that was not all – Reliance Jio will never charge for Voice – All voice calls will be completely free forever. And with it, India’s mobile communication has changed forever!

SMSes too, will be completely free for life. So, the only tariffs they will levy will be on mobile data.

Also, Jio Preview offer (Now called Jio Welcome Offer) is now available on all Smartphones of any brand and will be valid till December, 31st completely free of cost. After this date, you are free to opt from various Jio plans.

Mukesh Ambani claimed that with these Mobile data plans – India will advance from being 155th in the world (when it came to internet connectivity) to among the top 10 nations in the world. He displayed a chart where Jio now has the lowest data rates in the world!

Reliance Data Rates Lowest in the world

Jio Detailed Tariff Plans

In his announcement, Mukesh Ambani also mentioned that they have completely simplified tariff plans, which start from Rs. 149 and go all the way up to Rs. 5000. All the plans including the Rs. 149 plan will have free voice calls. Unlimited SMSes will also be available to all plans except for the ‘S’.

Interestingly, all plans starting from M to XXXL will have unlimited 4G data at night. Here are the plans

Jio Tariffs Full

The plans did not mention when the ‘night’ timings are but we assume it will be somewhere from 9pm in the night to around 6 am in the morning. Overall, these plans bring down the prices to less than 3rd of any of cheapest plan available in India right now.

LYF Devices

Apart from the mobile internet plan tariffs – Jio has reduced pricing on their LYF devices as well and plan to introduce new devices which are more feature rich. Now, LYF devices will start from Rs. 2,999 and will be available in various upgraded versions.

Bad news for people who bought JioFi router device for Rs. 2,899 (which includes us) – the router price has now been reduced to only Rs. 1,999.

LYF Devices

Other Significant announcements

  • The Preview offer has been extended to Everyone
  • Starting in select cities, Jio is now rolling out a fiber to home (FTTH) wireline network. This initiative will push the power of data even further, and will offer data speeds up to 1 Gigabit per second
  • Jio plans to partner with thousands of Indian entrepreneurs, whose digital ventures can bloom in the ground that Jio is preparing
  • Jio plans to create a Jio #DigitalIndia Startup Fund and is also working to create Digital Entrepreneurship Hubs in key cities
  • Mukesh Ambani said that Jio customers suffered over 5 crore call failures to other networks because incumbent telecom operators provided insufficient interconnect capacity

We will bring you more details as they arrive over next few days. However, it is fair to say that Jio has lived upto the expectation of millions of Indians and will surely come forward as a disruptive force in Indian telecom market.

  1. KSR says


    Excellent new to the customers and as always competition brings best out of everybody.

    Couple of questions:

    1. As per the plans announced, for Rs. 149/-, we get 0.3 GB data and unlimited voice calls. But what happens after we consume 0.3 GB data in 3 days? Whether free voice calls will continue for 28 days or will be stopped until next recharge is done?
    2. What will be the charge for extra data after consuming the free data limit in the pack?

    Please somebody can clarify these questions?


  2. sanjay pandit says

    JIO ka ROUTER v lunch kijiye Jo dexttop ya DVR me like jaruri hai “[email protected]

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