Reliance Jio Prepaid / Postpaid Plans & Pricing Demystified


Jio Plans Pricing Demystified

There has been a lot of confusion over Reliance Jio plans and their pricing. The questions stem from the fact that during the AGM Mukesh Ambani announced that they will be offering 4G LTE data at Rs. 50 per GB. However, when the plans were unveiled, simple calculations suggested that they were much higher that Rs. 50 per GB benchmark.

Here we bring you all details on various Jio plans and pricing that will help you demystify various pre-paid as well as postpaid plans and their final costs. We will also look at some examples which will make readers understand the end cost.

Before we start with the plans, let us answer one frequently asked question – Whether per GB cost is Rs. 50. There is no straightforward answer to it. So, it is Yes & No. For higher denomination plans the price comes close or lesser to Rs. 50 per GB, however, on lower denomination plans, the price is around Rs. 100 and gets progressively lower with higher rate plans.

Important Things to Note:

1.) 4G LTE Data and WiFi Data are two different things. 4G LTE data can be accessed on your mobile device through Jio’s mobile network, whereas WiFi data can be accessed through Jio-Hotspots installed at various locations. So, if your location is near to a Jio’s WiFi hotspot, you can switch to wifi connectivity from mobile network and access internet. For every plan you have Double Wifi data available in comparison to 4G LTE data.

2.) All Plans carry free unlimited True voice calling and they will NOT use your quota of data offered. Many people were of the opinion that data consumed on calls will be deducted from your mobile data quota, but that is not the case.

3.) Most Plans carry unlimited 4G Internet at night – however, Reliance defines night from 2am to 5am, so in most cases it will be useful when you can schedule your downloads

4.) Once you exhaust you quota of data, usage beyond that will be charged at Rs. 250 per GB with 10 KB charging pulse. Whereas, WiFi data will be charged at Rs.50 per GB

5.) All plans will get free subscription to Jio Apps which include JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic, JioMags, JioNewspaper, JioCloud (5GB) and JioSecurity


Jio Prepaid All-In-One Plans

First and foremost look at this Prepaid pricing plan chart. These are 10 pricing plans for pre-paid Jio customers.

Detailed Jio Plans

Plan I has a 1 Day validity, offers you 100 MB of 4G LTE data & 200MB of WiFi Data, essentially giving you 300MB of potential data (considering you access Jio WiFi Hotspot too) for Rs. 19. This plan can be used when you want short duration connectivity. Interestingly, this plan has unlimited local and STD calls

Plan II and Plan IV have a 7 and 21 day validity, offer 750MB & 2GB 4G LTE data respectively. Priced at Rs. 129 and Rs. 299, these pack offer good value for money. If you fully use 4G and Wifi Data on these packs. the effective rate comes to around Rs. 50 per GB of data usage

Plan III and Plan V through Plan X offer standard 28 day validity – Unfortunately, Plan III priced at Rs. 149, turns out to be the most expensive one in terms of data, however, in our view this plan is for people who use less data and more calling. Remember, for Rs. 149, you are getting unlimited local and STD calling with Plan III. This is an excellent plan for people who just use data for checking emails or Occasional WhatsApp messaging.

In our view, the most popular plan from Jio would be Plan V priced at Rs. 499 plan, where user is getting 4GB of 4G LTE data along with 8GB of WiFi Data. About 90 percent of users would not need more data than this in a month. With unlimited free calling and 100 SMSes a day, this in our view is an ideal plan for average users!

Plan VI to Plan X are all for heavy data users and will attract users who watch a lot of videos and multimedia!

Jio Prepaid Top Up Plans

Other Jio Prepaid Top-Up Plans

Jio has various other top-up plans as well, which are divided into 4 different types

Data Add on

These are the plans that only offer data benefits when you recharge.

Jio Data Addon Packs

Combo voucher

You can use these combo vouchers when you need additional SMSes, ISD calling or International Roaming

Jio Prepaid Combo Vouchers

Top up vouchers

These are the plans which have no time validity – that means if you subscribe to these plans, they will be valid even after 28 days or till the time you use the entire benefit on the plans.

Prepaid Top-up Vouchers

Jio Postpaid Plans

Let us now look at Jio’s postpaid plans – The plans start from Rs. 149 and go all the way upto Rs. 4999.

Jio Postpaid Plans

If you are looking only for voice calling and light use of data, then Rs. 149 plan works perfectly. The validity is 30 days for all the plans and like prepaid plans they include unlimited free voice calling.

The next plan is Rs. 499 plan which offers 4GB of 4G LTE data along with 8GB Wifi data on Jionet hotspots. Again, if you are an average user Rs. 499 plan works out perfectly.

Heavy mobile data users can opt for plans from Rs. 999 to Rs. 4999 as per their usage requirements.

Jio Postpaid Top-Ups

Like pre-paid plans, postpaid users can also top-up in the middle of their billing cycle – They have 2 main top-up plans

Data Addon

You can opt for these when you have exhausted your data and want to use more.

Jio Postpaid Data Add-on Plans

Combo Vouchers

These vouchers can be added to your postpaid connection when you need  additional International talktime or SMSes.

Jio Postpaid Combo Vouchers

Overall, Jio plans are quite inexpensive compared to plans offered by the incumbents. Whether you are heavy voice user, light data user simply want to use data/voice for a day, Jio has ensure that they have a plan for you.

Note: All these plans will start being available from 5th September – however, till December 2016, everything will be free as part of Jio’s welcome offer. Also, note that till December 2016, the service may not be upto the mark, as they still remain in the beta stage.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a line!

  1. droid says

    The prepaid plan1 of Rs19 is valid for 1 day – does it mean that data cannot be used and voice calls also cannot be placed/received after 1 day?

  2. Mud says

    …and what is the price for FIBER??!! Is it on offer now?? (i.e tomorrow?)

  3. Mud says

    Are these prices WITH TAXES??!! You could have mentioned that in the article…
    How’re you supposed to know whether you’re near one of these “WiFi hotspot” things or not? And, most importantly – IS IT GOING TO SNOOP ON YOU?? I don’t want *Ambani* to know what kind of pr0n I like??!! (well, of course, now they’ve *banned* it, so….:) )

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