Facebook Shutting Down Messaging on Mobile Web App to Push Messenger App Downloads!


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I do not use Facebook app anymore on my smartphone, because it simply sucks the juice out of my phone. I have resorted to using the mobile web whenever I want to access Facebook on my mobile phone. To my surprise, this morning, instead of opening the message chains, a screen popped up pushing me to download Messenger on my smartphone.

Facebook native mobile App users have seen this for a long – they cannot see or reply messages on the app – they need to separately download Facebook Messenger app. Hence, many started using mobile web app to access messages. But now Facebook will soon be shutting that window as well and thrusting messenger app down user’s throat.

I have been trying to stay away from the Messenger app simply because I don’t need another app to keep in touch with my friends, WhatsApp serves the purpose a lot better. Which makes me question why Facebook has two messaging apps, it’s own Messenger and WhatsApp, that it acquired more than two years back.

Anyway, Facebook is going a step ahead to disable messaging on its mobile app as well, so that users are forced to download Messenger. This is after the Silicon Valley giant achieved 800 Million users on the platform this year.

It looks like Facebook is in a hurry to reach 1 Billion Messenger users by forcing them to download the service to stay in touch with their Facebook friends. The notification reads, “Your conversations are moving to Messenger.” stating the complete transition to the app.

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Isn’t Facebook going too far to force people?

I understand a company has to market its products and wants its users to use a service it feels adds value to their life. But from a consumer’s perspective, why should I download an additional app only for chatting when I can do the same from the mobile app or the web equivalent.

It sounds like a ridiculously desperate strategy to force users to use Messenger app, which honestly is not any different from other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber and Hike. After all, users in developing nations don’t have access to phones with high memory options. Space optimization is a thing here and we don’t want Facebook to ruin it.

And we all know that Facebook app and messenger app themselves are big battery drainers as well!

There are going to be quite a few of angry Facebook users and some might just leave the social networking site altogether, but I know a lot of them will download Messenger to keep in touch with their loved ones. Is it ethical on Facebook’s part? Well Facebook never forced you to use the service, so it’s upto them how they plan their growth.

But this can be termed as too desperate to let its users down. Are you going to fall for this gimmick? Let us see how users react to this new development. Until then, enjoy the messaging on Facebook’s web app while it lasts.

  1. Albert says

    A big no to their apps. I don’t need FB messenger. Gmail and Whatsapp is enough.

  2. bouncy boy says

    use facebook lite it has messenger in that and it works good in 2g as well and do not drain your data that much

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