Is Your Smartphone Battery Draining Fast? Facebook App May Be the Main Culprit


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If you are concerned about your smartphone’s battery, then you are not alone. 44% of all smartphone users have stated their battery performance as the biggest concern they face. No doubt technology and hardware is reaching insane heights of innovation; but the issue of battery still remains as native as it was a decade ago.

There is not enough battery for an average smartphone user, and as more and more advanced apps are being developed, the issue is becoming more severe.

One such frustrated Reddit user decided to find out which app in his smartphone is actually draining the battery more than any other, and he was surprised to find the result.

The Culprit: Facebook App & Messenger

The test was conducted on an app called DiscoMark, which is available on Google Playstore. The user triggered 15 apps present in his smartphone and ran them for 15 consecutive times to find the real culprit.

He was actually surprised to find that by removing Facebook and Messenger app from his smartphone, the performance suddenly improved by 15% in one single go. Among them, Messenger was the worst, as it had 5% more negative impact than Facebook app.

The 15 apps which were tested were: 20 Minuten, Kindle, AnkiDroid, ASVZ, Audible, Calculator, Camera, Chrome, Gallery, Gmail,, Shazam, Spotify, Wechat, Whatsapp.

Uninstall Facebook

The Reason Behind The Results

The actual reason is that, Facebook and Messenger apps use and engage RAM of your smartphone, even if the Internet/WiFi is off.

Normally, apps don’t engage RAM in case they are not in use, but with Facebook, the rules are slightly changed, which wreaks havoc on your mobile’s battery usage.

The Solution?

In case Facebook and Messenger are really important for you, then browser based access is the most feasible alternative as of now. Considering that Facebook has indeed improved the experience of browser based access of their service (example notifications via Chrome), it seems that more and more users are actually dumping their apps, and turning towards browsers.

In fact, this experiment by Russell Holly to dump Facebook to improve battery actually prompted this Reddit user to conduct this experiment.

This revelation and discovery can lead to a more serious debate on the relevance of apps itself.

Do you think that besides Games and Messengers, all other apps can be easily used via browsers? Will you uninstall Facebook app to protect your battery?

Do let us know by commenting right here.

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