Reliance CDMA Users Facing CDMA-GSM Migration Nightmare. Here Is All We Know


Reliance CDMA GSM Migration Issues

As we earlier reported, Reliance Communication shut down its CDMA services from 31 May 2016. In order to not lose its loyal CDMA users, RCom promised to upgrade them to 4G as soon as the CDMA network shuts down for good.

So, the D-day for Reliance CDMA came and it got shut down! Those who had already shifted to Reliance GSM had no issues at all, but many who were using CDMA till the last date were not migrated to GSM.

This Reliance CDMA to GSM process has created a chaos in the lives of many loyal CDMA users. Here are some of the most common problems in the migration process that Reliance users are complaining about:

CDMA Shuts Down But There Is No Network On GSM

I visited a Reliance Mobile Store to ask about the migration process and why my GSM SIM is still not catching any network. I was told that it was not a problem with the SIM but with Reliance back-end. They have still not activated the SIM and to my surprise I was shocked to know that I was not alone.

Many CDMA users are still stuck in the middle of nowhere. They can’t use their CDMA phone and also have no network on the GSM SIM as well.

This just goes to show how irresponsible Reliance Communications is with little care for their existing customers!

First they gave us a notice period of less than a month about the shutdown of CDMA network and now they are acting completely unprofessional!

It is quite surprising that Reliance did not even care what the users would have to go through without any mobile connectivity. It’s been more than 36 hours and I still can’t use my Reliance 4G SIM.

Mobile Data Not Working On Reliance 4G SIM

For many users in Maharashtra, the mobile data is also not working even after configuring the APN as required. And those who have been able to access Reliance 2G are complaining about super-slow speeds.

It was informed to me that the problem would be resolved within 2-3 days.

Update: The users would have to visit the nearest Reliance Mobile Store to get a software patch on their SIM and the data will start working immediately

When Would Reliance 4G Become Operational?

At the time of writing this post, my CDMA phone is still receiving signals (I can’t use it though). Please note that Reliance Communication plans to launch its 4G services on the same band (850 MHz) as used by its CDMA network. So it can’t launch 4G without completely shutting down its CDMA network.

I inquired Reliance Mobile Store about the real launch of Reliance Communications 4G network and was told that it will become available after 12th May.

This is a lot of time for those who were using EvDo data and are now stuck on pathetic 2G data.

I really had high hopes from Reliance Communications despite being disappointed with their careless CDMA-4G transition without giving a long notice. Many users who recently bought new CDMA phones would either need to sell it or shift to BSNL CDMA. You can check out the alternatives here.

We will let you know as soon as we have more updates about RCom 4G. Stay tuned!

  1. Vijay kumar says

    Reliance data and voice calling not working last 2-3 days. What about this problem, please resolve this problem.

  2. An irate customer again. says

    Hello Guys,

    Got a shock of life as 4G connection got disconnected and got slapped with a bill of 19000+ inspite of having Unlimited plan.

    I just signed the petition, “TRAI must act against Reliance Communications for Duping Customers During their 4G Upgrade.”

    I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

    1) Go to change(dot)org
    2) Search this petition “trai-must-act-against-reliance-communications-for-duping-customers-during-their-4g-upgrade”
    3) Read it…. Sign it if you feel the arguments are valid.


  3. An irate customer again. says

    Hi Guys,

    I got a shock of my life as 4g services got disconnected and I have been slapped with 19000+ bill inspite of not knowing the change of plan and i assumed my plan is unlimited as it used to be during CDMA era.

    I urge you all having issues with connection to sign this petition to let the authorities know.

  4. Punit kumar says

    hi i am from Delhi ,i have 4g reliance sim but i am facing problem of internet speed , internet speed of 4g is so slow that you can not think , Airtel 2g speed is more than reliance 4g speed. i have done many complent but customer care ya reliance store does not help. There behavior become not good . so i think reliance will making fool to public. it does not have capacity to give 2g speed and launch 4g . so i say no one take reliance sim . i have very disturb after buy reliance sim 4 g.

    1. Mailbag says

      If you’ve been cheated by RCom please sign the online petition

      Rcom 4G Fraud Billing Continues
      Rcom Appellate Authority did not respond to multiple follow-ups.

      However, RCom Fraud Bill Generation Team did generate another fake bill.

      My latest email to Rcom Appellate,

      Dear Appellate Authority,

      Is this a joke?

      Aug-Sep bill was for

      15784 MB data for Rs. 7366.64
      I had paid prior to billing Rs.3222

      Reliance sales guy promises to sell Rs. 899 Wipod and continue service

      1. 40 GB 999 plan was changed to 5GB post 5 GB 0.05Paise/10 KB
      2. No refund for the Rs. 899 towards 4G Wipod refund was adjusted
      3. 10 GB 1 month free data was not adjusted

      Now an adjusted bill is sent asking for Rs.1831, what did you adjust?

      Reliance owes me on all 3 counts. My bill ing would not have crossed Rs.999 and Rs. 300 Wipod cost credit should have been adjusted…

      My bill should have been Rs.699, I’ve already paid Rs.3222.

      Reliance needs to refund Rs. 2522

  5. Glen says

    I also have faced similar issue. Its time to chose some other service provider. Use MNP facility to port from Reliance. Never use any kind of Reliance products again. Each of you must decide.
    Jago grahak jago

  6. Devendra Ghosh says

    reliance customer care has clearly refused to pay back by money which I paid for 4G wipod.

  7. Devendra Ghosh says

    reliance 3G dongle is of no use and reliance 4G wipod is not delivered.
    So a loss of 6000 rs.

  8. Devendra Ghosh says

    Last month i found that my reliance dongle stopped working, i approached nearest reliance
    Mobile store and they asked me to upgrade to 4g using a wifi device.

    I paid rs 2699 + 118 on 4 june 2016 and was assured that device will be delivered in 15 days.
    Every time i go to reliance mobile store, they tell me that device will be delivered in 2 days.
    I called customer care and they told me that device is not yet dispatched.
    and from last customer care never replies to my mails.

  9. joby says

    I I dont want your 4g service , the what is the next option
    will you reliance pay me back my CDMA handsetprice

    1. Devendra Ghosh says

      they have clearly refused to pay back money

  10. Shriniwas says

    In pune. Received sms (on 2nd july) that I can use the 4g sim in the wipod (which I got over 5 weeks back).
    4g started connecting from 1st of July. Since then I could access Internet for a good 15 minutes maybe. Otherwise, even today, it just redirects to the rcom home page for reasons only known to reliance.

  11. Sathish P says

    Last four weeks before only I was shifted to 4G GSM from CDMA. While shifting 2 to 3 dates they stopped their service and again from Thursday day no service. In the last one month no tariff plans no data plans nothing is made for 4G migrated people. 10 yr old Relaince is under testing condition only

  12. RAJESH says

    I am Reliance CDMA sim user and recently my mobile is not working and showing network error.
    I called customer care to solve my problem, they told me that I have to visit nearby reliance store to get GSM 4G sim free, only need to make FRC of one rupees only.
    I have visited many reliance store for the same and they simply telling that to get activated sim it takes around 4-5 days and you have submit 97 rupees for FRC.
    As per customer care information there are no extra charges except one rupee.
    But here all the reliance store cheating to many normal people and keeping money in their pocket.
    Please let me clear and do something against list of stores are as:
    1. Reliance Mobile Store
    Mobile Phone Service Provider Store
    M, Master Zahurul Hasan Rd, Near Allahabad Bank, Madhav Kunj, Katra · 089576 66665

    2. Reliance Mobile Store, J & V CONSTRUCTION, Elgin Road, Civil Lines, Allahabad
    Mobile Phone Service Provider Store
    MG Marg

    3. Reliance Trends
    Civil Station, 47,A/2, Sardar Patel Marg · 098898 22822

  13. kuldeep says

    How I can go to consumer court for this. my CDMA is not update from last 2 week

  14. B M says

    Reliance is behaving like a bully. Disconnecting customers connections. We have two connections with a FWT (Fixed Wireless Terminal) connected to an EPABX. They have simply disconnected the phones starting Friday 3rd June without any official written communication. They are providing a GSM connection, however, they have no solution about FWT/ FCT to enable connection with EPABX. Online checking reveals the price for a reasonable FCT (Fixed Call Terminal) to be 6500 INR, so for two connections it is 13000 INR. However, none are available/ out of stock . Simply they don’t care about the customer. This is unprofessional and high-handed behaviour without any fear of law and highest disregard for a loyal customer.

    1. Upender says

      Hi if you need fct we can provide for 3,800/-. Contact me at 9014829285

  15. Rachit says

    Reliance is promising 4ug. But since 2 days I became phoneless with no incoming and outgoing calls on my CDMA number even after getting 4g sim. It’s simply a way to fool people.

  16. t siva rama krishna prasad says

    please help one week gone no signal from reliance 4 g sim, what to do, no help from rim people

    1. Anand Karwa says

      Visit them and let them know your displeasure about this situation. If possible tweet about this and tag @RelianceMobile
      Actually, your GSM SIM needs to be activated from the back-end and the dealer has no control over it.

    2. Dominic Jude D'Mello says

      same here no network since 15 days&RCom just don care

  17. chandu says

    Is there any possibility to Rcom launches 4G services.???????????

    1. Anand Karwa says

      I’ve heard that they’ll launch it in 2nd week of June, but I may be wrong. Fingers crossed.

      1. Manoranjan says

        I visited a Reliance Store in Kolkata circle. The said 4G will launched only in 1st week of July. The CDMA mobile users are being migrated to their GSM network but the dongle users will be migrated only when 4G is launched. Till then they will have to suffer without any network.

  18. Vivek says

    Horrible service from reliance and they even don’t bother till date. Seems 2g is snail slow and better to leave reliance and opt for other operators.
    Even customer care is horrible.
    It’s high time for reliance if still they won’t understand the service first approach,they will loose thr customer base soon.
    Airtel already approached us.and thts the way to do business.

    1. Anand Karwa says

      I totally agree with you. The CDMA 1x was way better than this super-slow Reliance 2G. It is completely USELESS! Their 2G can’t even send WhatsApp messages instantly. You have to wait a good 4-5 seconds before you get to see a ‘tick’ on your sent messages.

  19. jahangir shareef says

    aap ke reliance 4G GSM sim convert karne ke bad mera 3days ka business maar khagaya ye lokhsan kis ka baap pey karega reliance walon ko thodi si bhi sharm nahin aarahi hai public ko chutiya banna hai business matkaro
    sidhe sidhe unke ghar me daka dalo froud saalo

  20. Unhappy Reliance customer says

    I am a reliance CDMA service user since 2002. I have been recently migrated to reliance 4G GSM since CDMA services are being shut down.

    I am facing problems below problems:

    1. Network signals are very poor in Reliance GSM
    2. Promised 4G, where as I am not even receiving 2 G – Have made multiple visits to different reliance mobile stores and the executives there are clueless
    3. Even at times when there is a network signal, most of the time callers complain that my phone is not reachable
    4. If at all I am able to connect to some calls, there is lot of disturbance and people are unable to hear my voice clearly

    Reliance so called customer support:

    1.Reliance appoints cluster relationship manager, who never picks up the call.
    2.Lets not talk about 4G data, the basic function of a cell phone to make and receive calls are also questionable.
    3. Reliance stopped registering complaints on 198.

    Pathetic Services, they should not have shut down CDMA services till they were completely ready with GSM

    1. Amit Kumar Dubey says

      You have just written my words, exactly the same situation is with me. Do not know how reliance is taking this all !
      They have become totally blind and not learned from the past. They should now the importance of quality of service and this comes in service only, they should clear their aim to take business for society and not just for money.

    2. Girish says

      Yes the review is absolutely correct This transition have been really painful

    3. Nikhil Kumar says

      Same problem here… But my main problem is, I’m on 1399 monthly plan. So, I have to pay more than ?1500 for not using my phone. Visited reliance store several times but they don’t even change my plan. Tried opting out from reliance but my porting request got rejected.

      1. Vikas N. Warankar says

        I have been too migrated to Reliance 4 G for 6 days, still out of service, no network at all. I am sick of it
        Vikas, Nagpur

        1. Durai says

          I am from Bangalore. I have been facing the same issues expressed here.

          I am trying to do MNP to other network. But, my bad luck i am not getting the basic network from reliance for more than 3 days.

    4. Himanshu says

      Dono bhai chor hain,pehle ek ne loota ab doosra aa gaya hai, logon ko chu..a banane, Ambani’s ke jeb me sabhi sarkaar din rahi hain,yeh mamla bhi always nahi hai,itne saare mobile customers ki koi sunne wala nahi, aisa lagta hai ki sabhi log kisi aur desh me hain,aur #RelianceCDMA 2 #RelianceGSM, I too had 2 CDMA no,had to unwillingly port,was promised 10 GB of 4G data,but recv approx 9 GB of 2G data that too wid only 15 days validity,didn’t use it,and it lapsed on 8thAug,nw will port to sum other operator.


    CDMA services are not available in my area any more. Customer Care takes 3 hours to answer a call. wi-pod 4G LTE is of no use as the sim card isnt activated yet. When Customer Care receives the call, they say “THERE IS NO NETWORK IN YOUR AREA”
    Well, i dont need any more reason to get rid of all my Reliance numbers.
    Screw you Reliance, the most pathetic service ever, even to your loyal customers who have been with youll since you emerged in the market.

  22. Shambhu says

    I am very surpriesing rcom has fake promise… not working my data proper ways 4g 3g ya 2g….

  23. An irate customer. says

    I was surprised to read Reliance was shutting down their CDMA services by end of May from e-papers and i don’t recollect receiving any intimation from Reliance regarding the shutdown except they had been sending me mails and SMS to upgrade to 4G. Having used their services for past 4 years(both wired and wireless) and never faced any issues, this time i am disappointed for the following reasons:
    1. they did not handle the migration properly.
    2. customers were not informed about the shutdown of CDMA network.
    3. no representative from Reliance mobile store nor customer care nor grievance cell is able to provide updated information on when the services will resume.
    4. No way to track the dispatch of 4G device. I did the migration process online as advised and I have not received any acknowledgment regarding successful process nor I am able to track the dispatch of new 4G device.

    Representatives of Reliance Comm., you better start addressing customer queries or else your 4G network would be deserted without customers.

    I think I need to opt for better telecom provider where they are able to answer customer queries at least.

    1. Jay says

      Totally pathetic process. I am stuck with a 4G SIM card that I bought 25 days ago. Upgraded it as required. But I am told it is not yet activated. It is not working in the Wi-Pod. Customer care guys do not know anything… They only know to say “hume khed hai”.
      The company is just looting public in India. They have sold us Wi-Pod’s that are of no use as of now. We paid money almost 25 days back. This is how the Reliance wealth grows. Totally pathetic.

    2. An irate customer. says

      An update from An Irate Customer

      Reliance CDMA have started working again surprisingly but the speeds are not great as it used to be earlier.

      1. Dominic Jude D'Mello says

        Since 25th of May 2016,since RCom shut CDMA, services & promised a 4g upgrade,i do not have any signals,no 2g,no3g,no4g,no voice no net,they are just not bothered, at least they can do is port out my no, today is 13,days no services my no 9320602143

        1. PRAKASH G says

          Try This – Go to R-MENU – ROAMING – turn on NATIONAL and then re start the mobile

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