Dear WhatsApp, Your Web Feature is Gateway to Phish Personal Data of 1 Billion People


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As of late, there has been a lot of commotion about how WhatsApp has done end-to-end encryption and even WhatsApp can’t unscramble it for the Government Organizations! This has been done in light of a legitimate concern for protection and security of 1 billion individuals, for whom WhatsApp is the sole decision to send instant messages and telephone calls to different clients and relatives to be precise and crisp!

However it’s not the Government Organizations that WhatsApp ought to be shielding its clients from. It’s the Phishing attacks, scams, identity thefts on naïve users that needs WhatsApp’s earnest consideration.

Some time back WhatsApp presented WhatsApp Web for its clients where they need to filter a QR code from their WhatsApp on versatile and after that they can begin utilizing WhatsApp from their desktop or portable PC similarly they do it on their cell telephones.

WhatsApp Web is the entryway for deceitful people and organizations to phish individual information, budgetary subtle elements, private data, pictures, recordings, and visits from WhatsApp records of individuals.


How do they do it:

  1. They scrap the QR code from the WhatsApp Web.
  2. Post that scrapped QR Code onto their phishing site/page.
  3. Then ask guests on their phishing page to sweep it from WhatsApp on their telephone, consequently offering some prize, money or anything that can draw a client.
  4. Once the client is finished with checking, these phishing people or organizations get complete access to the client’s WhatsApp.

Whatsapp web QR code

The vast majority of the 1 billion WhatsApp clients are not in fact canny to understand that a parallel association with their WhatsApp account gets made the minute they examine a QR Code on a non-whatsApp site from their WhatsApp application. Try explaining that to your mother!

How does WhatsApp Web function?

  1. User log onto from their desktop.
  2. Scan the QR code on the page from WhatsApp on versatile.
  3. Get associated with WhatsApp through desktop/portable PC.

What efforts have been put by Phishing People and various other organizations?

User is tackled by a deceitful site

  1. The site obliges client to filter a QR code from WhatsApp.
  2. Once filtered, the deceitful site accesses client’s WhatsApp account.

While the case above is just illustrative however its event around us as of now. We have ran over an organization named 1Group, in India who is utilizing this weakness as a component for their product. They get credulous clients to filter a QR Code and access WhatsApp gatherings of the clients. I recorded a video of how it functions and it is really startling.

What all can be ripped off?

  1. Everything that you have shared by means of WhatsApp, similar to bank points of interest, passwords, private pictures, individual messages, and so on.
  2. Your whole contacts list.
  3. Your complete visit information.
  4. Your individual data.

This information can now be gotten to by these phishing people and organizations. Envision what whatever they can do with this information? Besides, they can send messages to any contact on your telephone acting like you. For instance:

  1. Inappropriate messages to your expert contacts.
  2. Indecent messages to your family.

How perilous it can get to be if any individual or organization can access a substantial number of WhatsApp clients? Individual and classified data of a billion clients is in question and it can truly bring about a phishing bomb to blast with unheard of repercussions. Consider hostile to national components get into this phishing trick and what they can do with this – it’s not encryption but rather phishing assurance that clients truly require.

[The post has been contributed to us by Jugmendra Baliyan]

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