Entrepreneurship: A Journey That Helps You Discover Real YOU


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Entrepreneurship has become a huge fad across the globe in recent years. So much so, that anyone from a 10 year old to a retired professional aspires to become one!

Not many realize that the entrepreneurship journey actually helps you discover the real you. It’s not just a journey on the outside that people can see and appreciate, it is as much about looking within and seeking the right answers from yourself as you navigate the tough course of ups and downs as an entrepreneur.

Some of the questions you constantly seek answers to include:


1) How much do you know yourself?

As you embark on the journey of being an entrepreneur, be sure that there will be any new facets of your personality that you will become aware of; facets hidden so far. At this moment, you need to sit back and introspect to understand whether or not you have the courage to be a toughie, both internally and externally.

The world will throw brickbats at you initially but the same world will embrace you in its arms when you taste success. With this conviction, you must brace yourself for the journey ahead. His detractors told Walt Disney that he was ‘devoid’ of any kind of creativity. Even Hollywood was not kind to him until the cash registers started ringing!

2) Why are you in the game?

Every person has a different motivation behind starting up. It could be fame, money, change, power etc. Entrepreneurship is fraught with its share of ups and downs and with every situation you will move a step closer to your purpose of starting up. Since a startup is no less than your own baby, the very reason for starting up becomes a driving force for an entrepreneur as he navigates through the journey of running a startup.

3) Are you comfortable outside your comfort zone?

Comfort zones are not really meant for entrepreneurs. The fact that they have chosen to be entrepreneurs means that they have already chosen the path less trodden. However, at each step there will be judgments that will be passed and questions about your startup that will be asked that can make you feel uncomfortable. As entrepreneurs, you have to take them all in your stride provide answers patiently. In this journey, patience is a virtue that you will eventually need to inculcate and eventually master.

4) Are you persistent enough to keep trying in spite of failures?

Entrepreneurship is by no means an easy journey. While there is a certain amount of glamour attached to being an entrepreneur, in reality, it is a very demanding and exhausting job, since you want to give it your all to make it succeed.

There are times when you will hit roadblocks and stumble, yet need to pull yourself back up and hit the road again with the same vigour, not letting failure deter you. Your will power and determination will be tested at every step. But you need to rise above it all and persevere in your efforts.

The Devil’s Advocate

Once you take the all-important step of being an entrepreneur, you also have to accept that you are the ‘responsible’ one in your journey. You will be faced with your inner demons, doubts and apprehensions, and it is all about the choices you make at that time that’ll determine your fate. The journey will also help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, understand people, how they think. You get to test your own mettle from time to time and see how much substance you really have.

Then again, your principles and values are tested from time to time, thus helping you gauge your strength of character. It eventually becomes a journey where you learn to embrace your demons in order to overcome them. It takes you closer to who you really are as a person.

[About the Author: Saurabh Singla is a Co-founder & CEO at LazyLad, a a platform that aggregates 14 million small mom & pop stores to solve the chronic problems of inventory and supply chain management.]

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