PM Narendra Modi Launches India’s First Online E-Rickshaws on Ola App


Bhavish helping PM Modi book Ola e-rick-001

Pollution is ubiquitous and the best way to reduce carbon footprints is to derive electric energy from natural resources. To provide alternatives to existing rickshaws, Ola is launching E-rickshaws on its app.

In partnership with Bhartiya Micro Credit(BMC), Prime Minister Narendra Modi has flagged off the first fleet of 5,100 E-Rickshaws on Ola’s mobile app, by making the first booking on the app. As a part of the ‘Stand-Up India‘ initiative, Government’s program to promote entrepreneurship, the e-rickshaws will be plying in Delhi – NCR region only for now.

This is huge for Ola considering an in-house cab-hailing service has got a push from the Government to support the cleanliness of the environment, while making jobs for rickshaw pullers and auto-rickshaw drivers.

The initiative will soon expand to Tier-II and Tier-III cities as and when more fleet is available to Ola and the Government. E-Rickshaws are greener alternatives to auto-rickshaws and Government hopes to rope in rickshaw pullers as well.

How will the Government implement it?

The auto-rickshaw drivers and rickshaw pullers have to be convinced really well to move to such alternatives since they have been making decent money since decades. However, with this initiative, Ola will ensure the drivers do not lose out on money and also get to own the e-rickshaw by paying a small monthly amount. This means no more rent and costly vehicles for drivers.

Talking about the initiative, PM Modi said, “Energy banks have also been established for these e-rickshaw drivers where they can charge batteries with solar energy. The entire initiative is environment friendly.” Rest assured, electricity will be generated from natural source which is a very healthy start.

Drivers who adopt the service will be given training to drive the vehicles on the road, and commuters will be able to pay through the app using Ola Money. Last-mile connectivity is a pain in the metros and these vehicles will be able to resolve such issues.

Ola users will see another option on their app and hopefully this will also allow the vehicles to carry more than one passengers, specially during odd-even policy days in Delhi in April.

Will e-Rickshaws be Successful?

Delhi-NCR already has Smart E-Rickshaws, or Smart-E, plying on the roads daily and such initiatives have been lauded by the Delhi Government. They have been pivotal in providing transportation to-and-fro metro stations with very less cost. Ola’s E-Rickshaws would also do a similar work, but in a much more smarter and environmentally friendly way.

The Government and Ola both have to make sure the background checks of drivers be done properly and no room for any mishaps be left. NCR regions are not very safe after dark and employing a safety service on the side might also help the purpose.

It is an excellent initiative and will definitely improve the condition in the congested areas of Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad.

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