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Google Search Health Info Knowledge Gaph

We all ask our very own Google baba for suggestions whenever we or someone close to us is not feeling well. I do it for every medical situation I encounter whenever and wherever just out of curiosity. Google Search has never disappointed me. I always find useful and relevant information, but Google wants to take it to the next level now and has launched Health info in the Knowledge Graph in India.

People around the globe use Google Search for resolving their medical queries too. Around 5%, that is about one in every 20 queries on Google Search are about health related information.

Earlier people like me needed to browse at least a couple of websites for finding useful and relevant information from a reputed source which was time consuming. With the launch of Health information in Knowledge Graph we would be able to find medical information (such as symptoms and other conditions) very easily.

This information would be available on Google App on any Android or iOS device, or in the Google Search results on any web browser. You will also be shown some high quality illustrations (from licensed medical illustrators) regarding your health-related search queries. You would also be able to download the information in a pdf file for any further reference.

health Knowledge Graph

Google now has over 400 such cards with respect to India and cover common medical conditions like malaria, dengue, asthma, etc. These cards would show the information in either Hindi or English. In case you are on a slow connection then you would automatically be shown a “lighter” version of the cards.

India has now become the third country to have Health information in Knowledge Graph after U.S. and Brazil. To ensure that its users always get the right information Google worked with a team of local and international doctors to curate this information.

In India Apollo Hospitals and the Columbia Asia Hospitals have reviewed this content. Guidance was also taken from AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) and ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activist) for accessing the usefulness of the information.

A word of Advice…

The information that you find on the web may not be 100% relevant for every case. Google advises you against using the information provided by the Health Info in Knowledge Graph for treating medical conditions on your own. The ‘Health Info’ is launched for informational purposes only.

It is good to have relevant and useful health-related information in Knowledge Graph. It would definitely help a lot of science students in completing their projects on time.


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