You Can Now Give Free Missed Calls Even With Insufficient Balance!

InstaVoice allows you to give missed calls to your friends for free!
InstaVoice allows you to give missed calls to your friends for free!

Have you ever been in a situation when you had to contact someone urgently or when you were in an emergency and you didn’t have sufficient balance in your phone?

Many of us have either faced this situation or fear it. Telecom operators block outgoing calls in all prepaid numbers when the subscribers don’t have sufficient balance to make a call.

There are many ways to counter this situation. Some of them are:

  1. Borrow someone’s phone for making a call
  2. WhatsApp the person you want to contact
  3. Recharge your phone online
  4. Visit the nearest PCO

But what would you do when you can’t recharge online and are too shy to ask someone to let you make a call from his phone? What if the person you want to contact doesn’t use any instant messenger and has no digital presence? What if you can’t find a PCO nearby?

When all else fails, then InstaVoice will come to your rescue.

What Does InstaVoice Do?

Kirusa’s InstaVoice lets you give a free missed call to your contacts even when you don’t have sufficient balance to make a call. This app thus helps you reach out to your friends and family by sending them a signal in the form of a ‘missed call’ to get in touch with you.

“An overwhelming majority of users in emerging markets use a prepaid mobile. Making a free missed call should be a right available to every prepaid user. However, when a prepaid user runs out of balance, even urgent calls cannot be made. Here InstaVoice Ring helps, by sending a missed call to the recipient without charging any of the users,” said Surinder Singh Anand, VP of Product Management at Kirusa.

Other features of InstaVoice include free voice mail and voice SMS, free missed call alerts, manage multiple phone numbers, notes, and social sharing.

InstaVoice can act as a lifesaver during the emergencies. Install the app and share your experience with us.

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  1. Chaitanya says

    It will much better if We Can access the app without the Internet :)

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