Bummer…8 Out of 10 New Engineers Unfit for Employment: Report


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Aspiring Minds, which is one of the premier educational service providers in India has conducted a nationwide employability survey according to which, 80% of all engineering graduates are not fit for jobs.

The report titled ‘Aspiring Minds National Employability Report’ surveyed 1,50,000 engineering students from over 650 colleges; these students passed out in 2015.

The results from this survey are certainly alarming, especially for a country like India which is aiming to beat China to become World’s fastest growing country. Around 6,00,000 engineers pass out every year; and if only 20% of our fresh engineers are employable, then how exactly will we sustain growth?

Aspiring Minds have specifically said that the standard of education in the fast mushrooming engineering colleges are going from bad to worse, and this has severely impacted the level of engineers which they produce. Besides, the courses are not job-centric and they are more or less theoretical based.

Aspiring Minds CTO Varun Aggarwal said, “Engineering has become the de-facto graduate degree for a large chunk of students today. However, along with improving the education standards, it is quintessential that we evolve our undergraduate programs to make them more job centric,”

Some interesting highlights from this report:

  • New Delhi produces maximum number of employable graduates, followed by Bangalore
  • Kerala and Odissa had maximum number of those employable engineers who were ranked in the top 25 percentage of all students.
  • Punjab and Uttrakhand dropped their positions to #2 and #3 when it comes to having employable engineers
  • Fortunately, there is no gender differentiation when it comes to unfit engineers: the study found almost same number of unemployable male engineers as unemployable female engineers
  • There are some jobs which tend to slightly incline towards females engineers, compared to males. Some of these are: non-IT sales engineer, associate ITeS or BPO & content developer/writer for engineering domains
  • Tier 3 cities are now producing more employable engineers, which was certainly not expected as per the team which conducted this survey. The report asks engineering colleges to focus on Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities for having a better share of employable engineers

In fact, last year we had reported that 97% of fresh engineers in India cannot speak English and we found that only 20% are actually fit to work in software industry. The report had triggered intense debate among veteran engineers, who stated that English is certainly not a mandatory requirement to excel.

But, if not English, then what is that skill which makes 80% of our fresh engineers unfit for jobs? Way back in 2012, we had reported that majority of Indian students opt for courses which has nothing to do with their abilities and/or interest.

Do we need a major social change which can transform our education industry? Do let us know by commenting right here.

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  2. […] this year, we had reported that only 8 out of 10 engineers are actually fit for jobs; and last year, we had reported that 97% of engineers in India cannot speak English, and only 20% […]

  3. jack says

    That’s because of Factories are running in India in the name of collages … Because of Some Money minded freaks opens self-financed collages for earning money by putting young bloods future on sword tip…… There are hell lot of collages like that who teaches nothing to kids .. That’s way the young engineers suffers and companies uses them as a slave by giving salary equals to office boys…..

  4. Santokh Singh Saggu says

    Most go to college to show their MARDANGI and become MARDS by indulging into Drugs,Alcohol and Sex and Neta giri. Educational Institutions are not educational institutions !!

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