Majority of Indian students pursue career irrelevant to their Education / abilities [Study]


Here is a surprising (or not so) statistic for you – A mere 10% of engineering students pursue a career in engineering, while 90% of them move on to other career streams, mostly IT. Similarly, only 16% of BA/BSc students actually pursue careers in their respective subjects.

These are the findings of the a study conducted by, a portal that allows users to work on projects and build professional profiles even for offbeat careers.

The survey, conducted based on 4000+ profiles on the youth4work website, finds majority of the students do not want to make career in their respective field. For example, 58% of all engineering students have opted for IT careers. Also, a lot of students pursue management studies after their engineering studies rendering most accumulated knowledge to waste.


Highlights of Youth4Work Survey

BE/B. Tech Students



– 90% of engineering students are not making career in their engineering background.

– Majority of engineering students (58%) making career in IT sector. Heavy demand, attractive compensation and open for all branches make IT a top choice.

– Jobs which can be done at home or computer are more popular among engineers. Creative, content, poem and blog writing etc. are some popular domains.

– Cricket is the most popular game but students don’t prefer sports as a full time career.

– 12% students show inclination towards music, painting, sketching.

* Total sample size: 1475, Related Students: 146, Nonrelated: 1329. | Students in IT: 398, Photography: 47, Design: 58, Writing: 100, Fine Arts: 82, Total unique students in nonrelated fields: 685

BA/BSc Students



– Only 16% of BA/BSc students are perusing career in their subjects.

– Majority of candidates go for offbeat careers like Politics, event management, media planner, concept artist, clothes designer.

– IT sector and Photography, Painting, Adobe photoshop and other 2D and 3D talents consumes 14% of the BA and BSc graduates.

– Writing, Reading, Speaking and Debate related career are one of the most popular among art and Science graduates.

– Sales, marketing and customer relation attracts approximately 9% of students.

*Total Students: 368, Related Students: 60, Nonrelated Students: 308 | Students in IT: 27, Photography, Painting & animation: 61, Students in offbeat careers: 65, Students in sales, marketing and customer relations: 17, Total students in nonrelated areas: 197.

MCA Students



· MCA students are the most faithful to their subjects. 67% are choosing the career related to their studies and rest of 33%.

· 84% of the MCA students prefer to make their career in IT sector and related areas.

· Remaining 16% go for other careers.

*Total Students: 215, No. of related students: 143, No. of nonrelated students: 72 | Students in IT Sector: 73, Students in other sectors: 14. Total sample size: 87.

BBA/B Com/BCA Students



· Only 15% of Commerce, business and administration studies students works in their related fields and remaining 85% go for other career like IT, writing, animation etc.

· IT sector is again the top recruiter here followed by career related to writing and reading skills with 22%.

· Courses like Photography, 3D animation are quite popular among business and commerce students.

· Sports is a major highlight and 12% students want to pursue sports as a career.

*Total students: 299, Total students in BCom/BBA in related areas: 45, Total students in nonrelated areas: 254 | Student in IT sector: 37, Sports: 14, Photography & animation: 22, writing career: 25, Music/Dance/Moviemaking: 18


The report clearly suggests that IT/Software is what most students are tilted towards, even though they may not have got the ability or education to back it. The main motivation to opt for that branch obviously is money.

Would love to hear your insights in this!

  1. ashish says

    i would say they choose a better life,more money,easy work,less risk jobs.Also it depends on the Job market.Everybody knows that if IT companies were not presents then most of them would have been unemployed.

  2. Ankit Mishra says

    o_O Amazed 90% That is Huge!

  3. Samir Shah says

    Geek Nation. The base problem solving skills learned in engineering/science are always helpful in IT/Software.

    We need to bring down the price of the Internet by an order of magnitude to encourage ‘at home’ work.

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