Top 5 career paths that CA’s can choose from!


As a Chartered Accountant, your career choices are no longer limited to being a Tax Accountant or Auditor for life. We won’t dwell into the nitty gritties of specific roles or departments. We will take a macro view of the various avenues available to you after you have completed your CA education. Here are our top 5.

Work in an independent CA firm

We probably don’t need to tell you much about this career path because it has been the most popular for CAs, until now. There are many well known CA firms in all cities and you can choose to work with the one near you. But this is now going out of vogue as newer career options are now emerging for CAs in India. If you really like the work environment of a small to mid-sized CA firm, why not start one of your own?

Work in the banking sector – Funding, strategy, forecast and control

We’re sure you’ve heard the term CFO. Do you know what a Chief Financial Officer does? In simple words, he manages the finances of the bank / company. Banks require experts in the field of finance and commerce to work on financial strategies, financial projections and financial control. If you want to take you CA education into the corporate sector, baking is a great way to start because you will be exposed to many elements of the financial world.

Work as a private auditor

This career path is a favorite for people who have a soft corner for auditing. If you have a considerable audit experience under your belt and you enjoy doing audits, choose to be a private auditor. This will involve auditing, verifying and scrutinizing the books of a firm/company.

Work with the big 4

PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and Ernst & Young are the big 4 accounting firms. What we find to be a massive advantage of working with the big 4 is that you will get a chance to work in various departments and experience the A-Z of accounting, commerce and finance. You will get international exposure and as the years go by and very few career paths will be able to provide to you what a role in the big 4 can.

Forensic Accounting

Confused? In this day of technology and commerce, the need for accounting experts has increased in government, regulatory agencies and companies in carious industries. If you think that you have the interest and a keen eye to spot fraud and financial crime, we think that forensic accounting can be an exciting career choice.

A Chartered Accountant is knowledgeable, professional, great with numbers, a great planner, an excellent strategist and most importantly, knows company and commercial law inside out. If you are a CA, you are a valuable asset to any company or firm. Use your skills to the fullest and explore all possible career paths to find your inner calling.

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