Why don’t we find foreign students coming to study full time in India?


Despite having thousands of institutes across the nation in fields like engineering, medicine, commerce, arts etc. our country has trailed most of the developed nations in education since time immemorial. Whether its poor infrastructure, absence of teachers, fraudulent institutes – problems have existed in the education system at all levels in this country. And that’s the reason hordes of the Indian students go to study abroad mostly to Europe, Australia and North America.

But then, there have been many instances of various countries trying to send their students over to India. Some of the students have been sent for various exchange programmes while there are other students who have been sent for a few terms. While there are a lot of students from Asia, the Middle East and Africa studying full time in the country in various fields, there is very poor full time enrolment among the students from the developed world.

foreign students in INdia

Recently UK has decided to send its students for studying science, arts, technology etc. in India for at least one term.

Through this they seem to be trying to create a two–way flow of students between the countries. But then, the biggest question is, when students from India are studying there for years and working there, why can’t the same happen in India in case of British students? Why should it be limited to a few terms?

There are a number of reasons for the same. The biggest problem is India’s uninviting nature. Yes, we are one of the fastest growing economy in the world. Yes, our per capita income has risen. But what about our education system? Has it kept pace with our dynamic growth? Do our universities provide the best place for research? Hasn’t education just become a business to an end rather than something which improves the intellectual capital of a nation?

One or two terms for these foreign students are just instances where they like to learn the language, culture, do a few Indian case studies on famous corporate stories (or some historical incident / personality) and then go back. For a longer stay, the entire research and development infrastructure needs to be overhauled. The need of the hour is an organized educational culture where the syllabus isn’t just said as being industrially oriented rather implemented that way.

And over and above that, the Indian attitude of ‘chalta hai’ makes it very difficult to implement anything. The foreigners think that since everything has remained that way since eons, even the youth won’t bother because this is the way things get done here.

Until the above things aren’t overhauled, we wouldn’t find foreign students coming to study full time here. We would just get our ego boost from reading such news stories.

I am sure many of you must be wondering on why am I so particular about foreign students coming to study here. My views are not only because of the UK article I read. But there have been many such articles over the years which generally try to market India’s education system in this way. But sadly that isn’t the case. Even though we have the IITs and IIMs, we aren’t anywhere close to world standards in education.

Now foreign universities are planning on setting up campuses in India. Will that help solve the problems?

  1. abhisek says

    cause these institution think that the standard of education is related to how tough they set the question paper rather than how the things are taught to the students

  2. jay says

    also i like to add, its not like i thinks indians such but these kinds of topics and the way people comment is ridiculous. there are many positives in india….no doubt as comapred to west…but since we anyway are copying the west all the time in every field we can only be thankful to them even to the british i thank them in many ways we would still be living in ancient times had it not been for the british. we neeed to learn frm the west about creative development and entrepuner ship skills not everything in life is about a good salary and gettin married n settling down. 9=5 job..come home watch some shit tv and then crash. there is much to live then any of us can ever imagine…..have u seen the kind of jobs people have in west…..we need a revolution its about time. we will have to sacrifice and go through significant amount of change to bring change to this nation. otherwise i gaurantee you forget india the world is doomed.

    1. somnath says

      Here i hardly find anything to disagree…. so, in my view (whether it matters or not) here u r quite right….

  3. jay says

    some of these comments jus prove what im gonna say. indian are just dumb people…..we guys can only think of making money from other peoples means especially foreighners…we envy them so much that ive seen indians licking their a****. indians would want their lives…every indian is so frustrated with eveything india has to offer they would runaway from the country with the first oppurtunity they got. look at some comments if they come here we are doomed…i mean out thinking is so pathetic what can i say. people jus want a reason to complain and whine about life. maybe if we din stink so badly and maybe if we had a commendable accent a better government….a better social class……and a better education and system for pretyy much anything we would have loads of ppl coming in to study…indians are the biggest racists in the world…..we are lucky…..we are not that big a number in meat eaters otgherwise we wud be flipping out….we have a long way to go even our present movies are not quite as close especially in special effects to maybe what the west had in 80’s…thats how backward we…we only want to sit on the couch and be lazy and unfit..and maybe do yoga….its about time we change our mindset and change our thinking,

    1. somnath says

      seem like a comment from an ultimate pessimist…. some facts are true….. but most of them are based on IMAGINATION of ur own… Seems like u know only to condemned, bt never to complement….
      Not every indian would runaway from the country with their 1st opportunity.
      Yoga is widely accepted all over the world, but unfortunately, u have used it as an example in negative sense….
      Anyways, u have all the rights 2 xpress ur opinion…. go on….

  4. Babloo says

    Good for all forigeners & their Careers.”WHAT ABOUT US!”.

  5. banulal says

    India is fastest growing economy in this so called fastest growing economy 70% of people live life 2$.. female foeticde increasevery so much..indian male are wold most sex hungry people because of poor sex ratio in india now it is 914 per 1000 male..in prevues future indian male will fight for women & also for job..

    1. somnath says

      disgusting yaar…. just try to focus on this very topic…. if u wanna discuss ur topic, do it in a new page….

  6. Manik Hundgenn says

    What we need is an appropriate upgrading of the quality of studies in the country. Moreover, there should be proper training programs for the teachers in colleges. What I’ve been seeing is that the teaching area is weak in higher studies. At least in engineering it is that way in most of the colleges.
    The focus should be only on the quality. The rest will come in no time if quality is achieved.

  7. Bhasker Raj says

    Poor infrastructure, and only profit making institutions are the reasons why foreign students hesitate to come to India for studying.

  8. Bhasker Raj says

    Poor infrastructure, and only profit making institutions are the reasons why foreign students hesitate to come to India for studying.

  9. Bhasker Raj says

    Poor infrastructure, and only profit making institutions are the reasons why foreign students hesitate to come to India for studying.

  10. Vishal R says

    Hi Aseem

    I would like to say that i do agree with your views for most part of the article.

    But one thing I would like to point out is the education system has not trailed behind that of other countries since time immemorial

    In ancient India there were world famous universities in Nalanda and Takshashila (the worlds first university).

    Students from all over the world used to come and stay to study medicine, arts, philosophy, spirituality, chemistry . physics, mathematics , astrology, trigonometry, civics and politics etc etc

    Lets not forget that Indians had solved the most complex problems of astrology mathematics and trigonometry back then and were the most advanced of their time.

    Yes today the education system is in a sorry state of affairs with too much commercialization and politics making it a laggard sector, but it is up to us, the youth of this nation to take it back to the apex again.

    Lets not forget that Indian students are the most feared for their intellectual capacity the world over and have achieved the best of success possible

    Sadly though not in India but in foreign countries.

  11. Pradeep says

    True. Education system need boost.
    I have seen engg students sending CV to me . Forget a few line of cover letter they don’t even write sbject (most of them) Why? Probably they just go through the books, complete exams and courses with good marks. What about the practical training and grooming?? Completely missing!!!

    Unless Govt Improve the system, infrastructure, nothing will help. Even Foreign universities campuses in India won’t help much, not sure if they will bring manpower from their own countries :)

  12. Altaf Rahman says

    Please Aseem,

    Dont invite forigners for studies to India. We already have enough problems. Exchange programmes are OK, bearable. But if colleges / Univs are allowed some quota for forign students, we have much to lose.

    1) We are already aware of the problems of getting entry to colleges. There is lot of compitition and after lot of entrance exams and after crossing so many quota hurdles, our kids are some how setting foot in education institutioins. If we now start allowing forign students, we will only be putting more pressure on our kids as the compitition gets hotter.

    2) Once our colleges / Univs taste forign currency incomes, they will quickly move to allow more and more forigners and give cold shoulder to our own kids.

    3) I have read in Trak some time back that our colleges / Universities are the best in the world for graduate studies. (post graduation studies, research facilities in west are the best) With the advantage of education in our esteemed collages, our kids are getting advantage in getting admission to western institutions. Now if forign students get educated in India, they will also compete with our kids and naturally get preference in western institutions. This is more of a disadvantage tahn the first two points I quoted.

    Please dont even allow them to sniff at our educational institutions, or else we will be doomed.

    A suggestion : If you want you can allow our universities to start overseas colleges with online education just like forign universities and colleges coming to India.

    But no physical entry to forigners.

    Just my two paisa :)

  13. Anand says

    One another fact that I noticed in an article presented in AIMA magazine is that Indian Education ,particularly the PGDM or equivalent courses, has a 24-month programme where as Outside India , it is generally less than that.

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