Lukup Reveals Plans to Offer Innovative 1GBPS Internet Connectivity at Home


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Indians have been waiting very eagerly for high speed internet at home, but every time, they get disappointed with the lack of options and extremely high prices for one. 100MBPS speeds have been seen only in particular places, still inaccessible to the common public, and if you’re a Netflix fan, then forget about streaming movies or TV series easily without expending your bandwidth.

Lukup Technologies seem to have taken note of the fact that high speed internet in India is still not a reality, as compared to other developing nations.

They have revealed a wireless network transmitter, dubbed Lightup, which offers on demand and multi-screen TV service in India. It is not like any other wireless product, it uses light to transmit data. Yes you read that right! It is able to provide 1GBPS speed at homes, which rivals its 4G and fibre optics counterparts.

About Lukup

Lukup Media was founded in 2010 to develop and operate platforms to deliver interactive advertising and content on connected devices. The company today operates as a Multi-System Operator (MSO) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) and has pan-India licenses to offer both television and data services to consumers.

Users of Lukup can browse across videos and TV channels on different devices through Lukup player which is a hybrid device, a combination of a set top box and a broadband router to provide high-speed internet at homes.

Lukup Technologies, a subsidiary of Lukup Media, aims to offer super high-speed internet service for seamless streaming of videos and television through Lukup player at homes. The player also comes with 500GB of recording capacity which can be upgraded to unlimited depending on payment plans. Currently Lukup Media has operations across India and users can easily get access to their streaming devices at home.

What’s so special about Lightup?

Unlike any other product in the market right now, Lightup can transmit data through light, which makes it extremely environmentally safe, and does not give out any radiation and the company claims it is hack-proof. The product can be placed anywhere exposed to the sunlight, be it window sills or parapets or terraces so as to be accessible to data transfers.

Providing fast speeds of 1GBPS, it is currently the fastest internet provider in the country, which works on something as simple as light. Since there is no need of cables or wires, it can be used equally in urban and rural areas, of course where there is enough light.

Setting up the unit takes a little less than half an hour, which makes it inexpensive and mobile as well. Lukup claims the maintenance and operational costs are lower than the current mainstream internet services and can offer a unique experience even after all the low costs.

This is a form of LiFi which aims to offer 1GBPS speeds through light. After all, how many cables and fibres can you place in the Earth and rely on service providers for support. Something as simple as light is the future of internet and it can be clearly seen from Lukup’s pilot project as well.

Lukup is currently field testing the technology and aims to complete all implementation by the mid of 2016.

Such a technology is a boon for all countries, especially developing countries where light in an underutilized natural resource and good internet services are less. Lukup Technologies also aim to eliminate piracy through genuine streaming of videos and television services. We hope by 2016, an in-house technology company launches the service across the country at inexpensive proposition to connect India digitally, a vision of our people.

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