#MakeInIndia Vivo Opens its First Manufacturing Plant in India; Invests Rs 125 Crores


Vivo Smartphones

India is quickly becoming an attractive destination to invest and manufacture thanks to various initiatives like Make in India to boost manufacturing in India .

Indians companies like Micromax is planning to completely shift its manufacturing base from China to India by 2018, which itself speaks volumes of the positive steps being taken. After all, it is first the local players who should ‘Make in India’ and set examples for others. In fact, global handset makers like Samsung and Sony have also pledged to invest more into manufacturing in India.

Vivo, a Chinese handset manufacturer, has taken a small step towards manufacturing its phones in India. Vivo has just inaugurated a manufacturing plant in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh and has become to first Chinese handset maker to start manufacturing locally. Supporting the ‘Make in India’ campaign, Vivo has pledged to invest Rs 125 Crores in making phones in the country, to produce a million handsets in a month. In October we had reported that Vivo will soon start manufacturing domestically in India.

Alex Feng, CEO of vivo Mobile India seemed excited to talk about the latest move, “We don’t want to make quick money and quickly vanish from the market. From here, we wish to make a solid step to vivo India’s localization, and to realize our dream of Make in India.” Three smartphones, Y11, Y21 and Y15S have already been started manufacturing from the unit and Vivo plans to increase production in the coming months.

It is good to know that Chinese companies are not seeing India as a huge potential market and plan to localize production to reduce their own costs. This is going to generate employment in India only, while also reducing imports.

Several other Chinese companies are looking forward to manufacturing in India, including Gionee which plans to invest Rs 300 Crores over the next three years to set up manufacturing units across the country. Other large Chinese handset manufacturers, namely Asus, Xiaomi and OnePlus are simply assembling phones in India through Foxconn, which should not be mistaken for ‘Make in India’.

Chinese smartphones are quickly gaining traction in India and Chinese mobiles are not seen in any way like they were before. The quality is at par with their Korean and Japanese counterparts, if not better and look equally good and stylish in your hands.

One must commend foreign brands looking to invest in the country, giving weightage to the initiatives from the PM and creating more jobs for us. With Lenovo already in the game, do you think Apple will follow soon? I surely hope so.

Here are some of the other Smartphone manufacturers who plans to move their Smartphone manufacturing to India

  1. Samsung to invest upto $1 billion in Uttar Pradesh; Sony will start manufacturing as well
  2. Foxconn will create 10 lakh jobs in India and manufacture iPhone
  3. Huawei gets permission to start manufacturing
  4. LG announced Rs 1000 crore investment for domestic manufacturing
  5. Microsoft and Motorola will start local manufacturing
  6. Gionee will kickstart local manufacturing of their phones
  7. Lenovo will manufacture smartphones in India
  8. Rs 4.5 Lakh Crore investments pledged during Digital India week
  9. Lava to invest Rs 2615 crore in India
  10. Foxconn commits investment of Rs 31000 crore in Maharashtra
  11. Xiaomi to start manufacturing at Sri City
  12. Phicomm to invest Rs 6300 crore in India
  13. Ericsson to start their 2nd unit
  14. Oppo will start manufacturing in India
  15. Sony Will Manufacture Xperia Phones in India
  16. Siemens will invest €1 billion and create 4000 jobs
  17. Gionee Partners With Foxconn and Dixon for local manufacturing
  18. Asus Pledges Alliance With Make in India
  19. OnePlus To Start Local Production in India With FoxConn

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