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TARS, a startup based out of Bangalore, India has created a Whatsapp based personal assistant that will answer all your questions, as long as they are within it’s purview. It is a sort of artificial intelligence program which is partially based on the local agents to work. TARS personal assistant is available to you from 10 AM to 10 PM.

If you are mildly curious of the name TARS – it is essentially the name of a robot in hit Hollywood movie “Interstellar” who helps astronauts in their inter-galactic travels (See image above).

In this case, TARS’s backbone consists of local agents who operate the complete system. What you have to do is just add the TARS’s number in your phonebook i.e. +91-9900876785 and just send a ‘Hello TARS’ message. From then on, you can start asking your questions to TARS.

Now, the question is what TARS can do for you? As per the official site of TARS you can ask it anything like meaning of any word, Wikipedia information, order pizza online, book a plumber, book tickets among many other things!. TARS response is very quick and accurate. Here is a small conversation I had with TARS:


As of now the service is free of cost as per the official website. You just need to text your question/task to them and you will end up getting a quick and helpful response from the team.

Currently TARS’s database is updated with Bangalore city only but you can still use it if you live in different city. Agents of TARS use Google search to get the best results for you.

Like you seen in the conversation, ordering a Pizza is also very fun from TARS, you can get a better idea from my conversation with TARS. Interestingly, TARS collects the amount of order from Instamojo directly without any extra charge or commission.

WhatsApp has 70 million users in India. There seems to be a big opportunity of business for TARS in near future. Before this, Hike Messenger had also introduced a personal assistant in their app through which user could gather a lot of information about movies, Wikipedia, dictionary, Jokes and a lot of other entertainment things. But TARS is has real humans answering your questions and hence gives much useful results.

While TARS is providing this service free of cost as of now, in future there is a strong possibility that the service will be paid. If they keep it free, they may charge commissions on orders placed through TARS. We will see…

Give TARS a spin, and let us know what you feel!

[Image Source: Imgur]

  1. Aashray Anand says

    Try adding +91 it will show up in list.

  2. Pavan says

    Could not find them even after refreshing the contacts.

  3. Ravi says

    Couldnt find them on whatsapp.

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